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Last night’s nachos become the next morning’s breakfast with these short cut chilaquiles. When I make homemade nachos, we always have leftovers. But, they get soggy in the fridge overnight and never quite crisp back up again in the oven.

So, what are soggy tortilla chips smothered in pintos, pepper jack, red onion, and jalapenos good for? The base of an amazing breakfast.

I throw some extra beans (made the night before, too) in the bottom (with juices) of a baking dish, throw the soggy nachos on top of that, some pico with juices on top of that, then crack two or three eggs on the entire thing, salt and pepper it, and throw it in a 400 degree oven for 10-15 minutes or until the eggs are just so (somewhere in that range).

They are magical. And the soggy nachos don’t go to waste.

tortilla chips / nachos / pintos.

During winter storm # million here in Boston (no, but our second official blizzard in 3 weeks–known as the Valentine’s Day massacre), I decided that the necessary reward for shoveling was homemade tortilla chips for nachos.

Do you ever go this far? The thing I find about homemade chips is they are thicker than store bought chips, so they hold toppings really well and don’t get soggy in the oven.

My toppings for these nachos included jalapeno, green pepper, red onion, grilled cubes of chicken, and homemade pinto beans. Cheese, of course, a blend of Mexican, and fresh salsa and fresh avocado after the oven.