refrigerator oatmeal + handmade pot holder.

I decided to try my hand at some refrigerator oatmeal; all you need is some mason jars, fresh fruit, greek yogurt, skim milk, and old fashioned oats. This blueberry variety was a bit more sour than sweet, since I omitted the maple syrup called for in the recipe. All in all, if you like oatmeal,Continue reading “refrigerator oatmeal + handmade pot holder.”

Wild oats will get sown some time?

Last night I decided to hibernate and get cracking on a bunch of knitting I have already cast on needles and needing serious attention. While I did a ton of work on the Poonan Cabled Baby Sweater I need to have done for a baby shower at the end of the month, I needed toContinue reading “Wild oats will get sown some time?”