asparagus orzo salad.

Delicious summer orzo salad with local asparagus, corn, cherry tomatoes, and flaked tuna. All dressed with a light dijon vinaigrette. Really yummy and not much time in the kitchen over a hot stove. This was a recipe I found in one of Martha Stewart’s Quick Summer Favorites from a few years ago. Of course, sinceContinue reading “asparagus orzo salad.”

two recipe project #3, 7.2

I’ve been away on a work trip to L.A., which means all the crafting has been on old–and cookery too. But, this weekend I tackled a summer salad as part of my attempt to try brand new recipes a couple times a week. This was a hit; beautiful cold corn, asparagus and tuna orzo saladContinue reading “two recipe project #3, 7.2”