misc. make | gouache beaded necklace.


I’ve been into making jewelry of late. It’s kind of this groove I am in–peyote beading, painting wooden beads, earrings. I’ve even opened a new shop, which only features this side of my making.

This summer, I made a gradient wooden necklace that features shades of orange and turquoise. I’m in love with the end product and think I could make a whole bunch of these in different color palettes to sell. Thoughts?

These beads were painted with gouache and spray sealed with Modge Podge sealant spray for a flat, matte finish. I love that they aren’t glossy looking.

Would these make a nice addition to my shop?

succulents + gouache.


Sean and I have been messing more and more with gouache painting. Last Saturday, we decided to pain some succulents + cacti. Sean was really deepening his color palettes by layering and I was working the opposite by totally washing everything out since I want to be better with the water side of paints and water colors somewhat frighten me.


I’m pretty happy with my finished product, but I can’t decide if I should have done a light background on the entire piece. It’s a first stab at the prickly pear and it will probably sit in my sketchbook forever, but it was fun to get painting again.

weathered clay pots.


Took a stab at “aging” some of my clay pots for that weathered terra cotta look. I used this tutorial from The Curtis Casa, which is actually a pretty unique blog I will now follow.

All you need is a mixture of baking powder and water. However, I wanted some “color” in my aging, and so used some turquoise and green and white paints to achieve the exact look. I didn’t measure anything, but it was just a mixture of all these elements until I thought it was just right.

Tip: used a piece of stiff cardboard to rub off some of the paint and baking soda to create texture.

What do you think? Success?

inspiration, 2.2

When I was in high school and college, I took a lot of random art classes at the Art Insitute where I grew up. Drawing with vine charcoal, drawing boxes over and over, painting at apple orchards with gouche.

Since then, I’ve dabbled a bit here and there; recently, my mum told me she hoped I’d use my summer vacations from work to get back into taking classes now that I’m older and can appreciate it more. She says she thinks it will provide me with some much needed structure to create while learning something new, and I think she’s right.

So I’ve begun perusing what I might be interested in taking this summer and going for it. In order to inspire myself and get excited, I bought myself a beautiful 48-color box of Liquitex Basics Acrylics. I usually paint with gouache or raid my sister’s massive oil collection, but I decided it might be fun to dabble in mixing paints like gouache and acrylic.

Today, I think I’ll spend some time trying this out–one of my best friend’s has a birthday this month and he lacks art for his walls (I think). Perhaps I’ll make something for him.

Reworking an old hobby…

With school out, I’ve been fortunate to be gifted some serious time to dedicate to my hobbies. I used to take art classes at the institute after a regular day of high school; and I definitely got turned off by constantly having to draw boxes.

I’m more free form, you know?

The best class I took was in college; it was in using gouaches. So, I’ve been escaping the city a lot to spend time at my sister’s studio, painting with gouaches.

It’s great to be back handling brushes…art, to come.

Painting my youth…

When I was in high school and college, I was much more into art and painting than I am these days. During summer at age 19, 20, 21, I’d take art classes at the institute and dive into paint mediums like gouache. I like using the tube of black, which all of my art professors extolled the following advice: “Painters don’t often use black straight up. You should try mixing colors to achieve a dark effect without actually draining your tube of black.”

I kept draining the tube of black. I don’t even know why. I suppose at the time, I liked really dark works and can vividly remember recreating this brilliant graphic of Siouxie Sioux to promote the Banshees BBC performance. I have no idea where that painting is today, but I probably threw it out in a dumpster after college.

Those memories recalled, I’ve been staying at my mum’s house for a few days at the start of my spring break from work. The room has since been redone, but some of my things are still in drawers. As I went through old items from younger times this morning, I stumbled upon a drawer filled with art supplies–vine charcoal, hot press paper, a pencil pouch, and you guessed it, a completely mint case of gouache paints and my paintbrushes.

I can’t decide if I should get back into painting–and use a little less black. What do you think?