misc. make | gouache beaded necklace.

I’ve been into making jewelry of late. It’s kind of this groove I am in–peyote beading, painting wooden beads, earrings. I’ve even opened a new shop, which only features this side of my making. This summer, I made a gradient wooden necklace that features shades of orange and turquoise. I’m in love with the endContinue reading “misc. make | gouache beaded necklace.”

succulents + gouache.

Sean and I have been messing more and more with gouache painting. Last Saturday, we decided to pain some succulents + cacti. Sean was really deepening his color palettes by layering and I was working the opposite by totally washing everything out since I want to be better with the water side of paints andContinue reading “succulents + gouache.”

weathered clay pots.

Took a stab at “aging” some of my clay pots for that weathered terra cotta look. I used this tutorial from The Curtis Casa, which is actually a pretty unique blog I will now follow. All you need is a mixture of baking powder and water. However, I wanted some “color” in my aging, andContinue reading “weathered clay pots.”

inspiration, 2.2

When I was in high school and college, I took a lot of random art classes at the Art Insitute where I grew up. Drawing with vine charcoal, drawing boxes over and over, painting at apple orchards with gouche. Since then, I’ve dabbled a bit here and there; recently, my mum told me she hopedContinue reading “inspiration, 2.2”

Reworking an old hobby…

With school out, I’ve been fortunate to be gifted some serious time to dedicate to my hobbies. I used to take art classes at the institute after a regular day of high school; and I definitely got turned off by constantly having to draw boxes. I’m more free form, you know? The best class IContinue reading “Reworking an old hobby…”