Waffles for Wellies…now available!

Exciting news, kitties! I’ve release yet another pattern on Ravelry. The Waffles for Wellies pattern features a pair of men’s waffle stitch socks with an athletic toe detail, and the results are pretty awesome in person so you should definitely make these. The waffle detail makes this sock pop despite the fact it is aContinue reading “Waffles for Wellies…now available!”

I wish I had remained in the Twilight regarding this film…except for the mittens, of course.

I’m finally getting around to posting those Bella Swan inspired mittens I made as a birthday gift for a friend. I think they came out beyond splendid (as I’ve already started making another pair and have one mitten done and a second cast on in this amazing bluish gray yarn) and I’m pretty sure theyContinue reading “I wish I had remained in the Twilight regarding this film…except for the mittens, of course.”

Sock one to my heart….

This is the taste of sweet….defeat? After casting on a new pair of yummy socks for myself (hey, I only have one pair, the rest I’ve made gifted out) this weekend while I was at a hockey game, I was swiftly moving along, finishing the cuff and getting at least two inches of the legContinue reading “Sock one to my heart….”

Sinking my teeth into another pair…

I finally finished both of the Iceland tweed lopi Twilight inspired cabled mittens I mentioned earlier in the week and I haven’t been this pleased with the outcome for a project in quite some time. I would post a finished product photo (of which I’ve taken plenty) but I have to wait a week asContinue reading “Sinking my teeth into another pair…”

Sink your teeth into these…

A friend of mine who recently visited Iceland brought me back some brilliant Lopi Yarn which I immediately drooled over and contemplated a proper project for. It’s this brilliant brick reddish colorway, with hints of pomegranate type pink and flecks of blue and yellow, making it a splendid tweed. And of course, though I haveContinue reading “Sink your teeth into these…”

Socktoberfest? So long as I have a pint of some Oktoberfest along for the ride.

So remember how I mentioned the other day that November may become my very own Socktoberfest? Welp, I think that is a possibility because I’ve cast on yet another pair of self-striping socks, done up in a simple 1/2-inch rib and the standard stockinette stitch. Because I had issues with the first pair seemingly tooContinue reading “Socktoberfest? So long as I have a pint of some Oktoberfest along for the ride.”

Stashing away a list of must-have projects…

Tonight, as I prep for debate watching (and screaming and stamping my feet every time McCain does that bullshit where he snickers like the narcissist he is, gag.heave.vomit.puke.repeat.), I’ve decided to dip into a new bowl of random stash yarns…they are so tempting, I’ve got plenty of projects in the pipeline with these…. I’m droolingContinue reading “Stashing away a list of must-have projects…”

A woman of many (with?) hats? Perhaps if I keep this one.

Yay, my kittens! A project that’s nearly complete in the days immediately following original cast-on date. I can’t believe it. That peachy-keen hat I’ve been working on is nearly done. I just can’t seem to decide, however, whether I should put a honkin’ pom-pom on top or kitty ears. What does everyone think? I’m seekingContinue reading “A woman of many (with?) hats? Perhaps if I keep this one.”

Nifty Gifties: Painfully Easy Cabled Fingerless Mitts.

As I mentioned in the last post, I’ve been on a birthday gifting frenzy of late and can finally post these brilliant and ridiculously easy cabled fingerless mitts I also gave my friend Lauren for that special day. I decided to do a really simple pattern that I could easily bang out in a dayContinue reading “Nifty Gifties: Painfully Easy Cabled Fingerless Mitts.”

Nifty Gifties: The Plant That Can Never Be Killed.

This summer, I went on a succulents frenzy. Not only do I have the real deal, but when the Sept./Oct. 2008 copy of Crochet Today! came, it gave me the option to have the fake deal, too. Yes, crocheted cacti is what they are. And they are not only adorable, but they make excellent gifts,Continue reading “Nifty Gifties: The Plant That Can Never Be Killed.”