Waffles for Wellies…now available!

Exciting news, kitties! I’ve release yet another pattern on Ravelry.

The Waffles for Wellies pattern features a pair of men’s waffle stitch socks with an athletic toe detail, and the results are pretty awesome in person so you should definitely make these. The waffle detail makes this sock pop despite the fact it is a fairly simple pattern repeat that manages to look so schmancy; if you like the “waffle” or “thermal” shirt, you’ll love these–they are the equivalent for the feet!

For just $3.50, this pattern can be yours! It includes sizes for a men’s small and medium sock–but the small could fit an average sized women’s foot, as well (I tested it out and they were slightly baggy on my extra small feet, which is usually a good sign they’d fit normal footed females).

You can purchase the Waffles for Wellies pattern via Ravelry here.

As always, more snaps of the Waffles at its Flickr set.

Many thanks to Harry Cahill for modeling the socks; they were also gifted to him…so at least that’s something!

I wish I had remained in the Twilight regarding this film…except for the mittens, of course.


I’m finally getting around to posting those Bella Swan inspired mittens I made as a birthday gift for a friend. I think they came out beyond splendid (as I’ve already started making another pair and have one mitten done and a second cast on in this amazing bluish gray yarn) and I’m pretty sure they were a well-liked gift.

I’m hoping to make a pair for myself and some others, but I’ll have to be patient as I don’t think many of the yarns in my stash will be the perfect match for these amazing cabled mitts. It’s all in the yarn kittens, all in the yarn.


I’m quite pleased with how well the yarn took the horseshoe like cable since it was a tweed yarn, but it’s not distracting at all. What’s more, the ribbing at the top gives them this really cool stretch. Golf freaking claps to the designer, Subliminal Rabbit, for creating the pattern for these glorious mitts. Golf freaking claps.

On a side note: my friend Esteban Miguel and I went to see the Twilight film this past Friday (of which I’d read the book in a mere 1-2 days flat right before so I’d have reference point and wouldn’t be in the dark) and we were morbidly (no pun intended) disappointed. Overacting, scary blood red lips on a one Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen, subsequent brooding and angsty emo-esqueness of Robert Pattison as Edward Cullen, and generally poor cinematography and screenwriting. Boosies. The film’s highlight? A laughing lady in front of us, a knitting movie goer next to (really? please. It’s a movie!) and of course, when Bella Swan’s mittens made an appearance. Just sayin’…

Naturally, I had to be all goofy and try them on all different ways and no hows and go nuts. Because, welp, who wouldn’t want to, really?


Sock one to my heart….


This is the taste of sweet….defeat?

After casting on a new pair of yummy socks for myself (hey, I only have one pair, the rest I’ve made gifted out) this weekend while I was at a hockey game, I was swiftly moving along, finishing the cuff and getting at least two inches of the leg complete before realizing there was no way this sock was going to fit my calf.


Apparently I cast on too few stitches because I used size 3 needles (I usually always use size 2 and 1 dpns when I make socks but had to improvise when one of my size 2 bamboos went missing last week) and thought the gauge would make them a lot bigger then in fact they did.

I have yet to yank the entire thing out, but its inevitable really.

There’s nothing more frustrating than a miscalculation and the realization that this project is never going to work and must be yanked back. It happens more than not in knitting but never gets easier to stomach.

Sinking my teeth into another pair…


I finally finished both of the Iceland tweed lopi Twilight inspired cabled mittens I mentioned earlier in the week and I haven’t been this pleased with the outcome for a project in quite some time. I would post a finished product photo (of which I’ve taken plenty) but I have to wait a week as I’ve decided they are so scrumptious they must be that birthday gift I mentioned I needed to have in line for next week.

What’s more, I am so pleased with them, I immediately cast-on another pair using a gray-ish blue yarn that’s slightly less bulky than the lopi yarn as a sort of experiment. I used the exact yarn specifications and had the exact same gauge as requested for the mittens, but somehow I found myself adapting it toward the end and shortening the finger area because the mittens were looking way too long for a normal hand.

Did anyone make these and find themselves using similar modifications? I can’t figure out why this is so, but they look splendid with one less cable repeat on the hand, so I couldn’t be more pleased that my gambles in mods worked out perfectly.

I’m so in love with these mittens despite my lack of knowledge of all things Twilight, but a lady in my work whose daughter is obsessed with Bella Swan said she’d love a pair for her daughter so perhaps put that on the list, too. You can check out frames from the film if you want a better idea.

Promises to post photos of these immense mittens post birthday party this coming weekend. Get in line for a pair!

Sink your teeth into these…


A friend of mine who recently visited Iceland brought me back some brilliant Lopi Yarn which I immediately drooled over and contemplated a proper project for. It’s this brilliant brick reddish colorway, with hints of pomegranate type pink and flecks of blue and yellow, making it a splendid tweed.

And of course, though I have not read the books nor seen the film, I found these mittens apparently worn by Bella in the Twilight films to be absolutely delicious, that I picked them as a project for this hinterland yarn. It’s a pretty simple ribbing and cable pattern and I’ve completed the entire arm and most of the gusset of the left hand mitt in barely a day, so I’m confident these will be finished stat.

I’m pretty sure I’ll gift them to my friend for her upcoming birthday, but shh, don’t tell her. I won’t post any photos of the mittens as yet so the gift isn’t a total giveaway. But I’ll be sure to take photos of them once they are complete and gifted out.

What’s more, I plan on making more of these in different yarns for different effects, and I’m actually quite pleased with how high up the arm these mittens go–ensuring warmth for this weekend’s upcoming bitter blast.

Place your orders…


My obsession with socks is clear. I always hated the idea of knitting them–I felt no one would wear them, or they were too pretty and intricate to be hidden under shoes. Or, quite frankly, that I never had the motivation to cast-on the other sock after I’d finished the first one.

But, they are the perfect little knitting project to throw in your bag for on the fly knitting. And sock yarns are so delicious, I could eat them up constantly and never feel full.

And one of the more exciting bits about going to visit your Mum’s house over the holiday weekend is to find a splendid number of handspun sock yarns in a bin about the basement that you totally forgot about.

File Under: Socks, anyone?

Socktoberfest? So long as I have a pint of some Oktoberfest along for the ride.


So remember how I mentioned the other day that November may become my very own Socktoberfest? Welp, I think that is a possibility because I’ve cast on yet another pair of self-striping socks, done up in a simple 1/2-inch rib and the standard stockinette stitch.

Because I had issues with the first pair seemingly too slouchy and more akin to slippers (which in fact they will be fine for a man or someone with slightly larger feet than I–which isn’t a stretch really, since I probably have the world’s smallest adult size foot for its not adult sized at all!), the new pair are cast-on with 10 less sitches and while they wouldn’t be snug on me, they will be on someone else. The striping on the yarn is nice and bold, with reds, yellows and blacks, I’m pretty pleased with it, actually.

The heel is finally done on blue and gray socks and I’m nearly to the toe shaping so hurrah! Despite the fact they look gigantic, I think they’ll be squishy perfect and an easy, breezy, unassuming socky sock. I refuse to rip these back but I have to go about fixing a dropped stitch near the heel from trying them on and off…oof!


File Under: You’ll have to line up for a pair of these since I’m not an all-year sock knitter.

Stashing away a list of must-have projects…

Tonight, as I prep for debate watching (and screaming and stamping my feet every time McCain does that bullshit where he snickers like the narcissist he is, gag.heave.vomit.puke.repeat.), I’ve decided to dip into a new bowl of random stash yarns…they are so tempting, I’ve got plenty of projects in the pipeline with these….

I’m drooling over this latest lacey Beret design from SockPixie.

The amazing tweaked rib Really Warm Hat from Knitting School Dropout. (must have!)

Ooo! The delicious Slouchy from Presents Knits (…and other things). It’s in deep competition, though, with the Kilter hat, which is so yummy!

The absolutely sweet Pop-Tart Cell Phone Cosy from Bitter Sweet.

Winter Worms, inspired by Smosch. There’s no pattern, but taking a quick look at these, I can already tell how they should be made up! Yumsies. So adorable.

Comfy looking Mary Jane Slippers from Purl Bee.

A Hallowig for the upcoming festivities, courtesy Knitty!

Ham, why you gotta be so cute? A little piggie from Crochetville.

Float on a cloud? Yes sir, from Imaginary Wardrobe.

And how could I forget? The chicken gobble goble hat, thanks to Craftster.

Anyone have any favorites? Rank what order I should make these in?

A woman of many (with?) hats? Perhaps if I keep this one.

Yay, my kittens! A project that’s nearly complete in the days immediately following original cast-on date. I can’t believe it.

That peachy-keen hat I’ve been working on is nearly done. I just can’t seem to decide, however, whether I should put a honkin’ pom-pom on top or kitty ears. What does everyone think? I’m seeking serious feedback on this one, as I keep going back and forth.

I think I’ll put little tiny pom-poms on the end of the ear-flap tails but I haven’t made that a final decision. It looks fine as is, and I’ve certainly thought about leaving it this way, but I’m never one to not make a statement with my hats, though it could be a nice, simple, unassuming Christmas gifty. Then again, this hat was so easy and quick to make up, there will be plenty of time to make more. Plus, the merino wool is warm and cozy without being itchy, which I adore in a nice ol’ yarn.

What does everyone think? Pom-pom on top or kitty ears? Mini pom-poms on the tails or none at all?

I promise I’ll post how I did it when its complete.

File Under: Feedback needed so I can really finish this project.

Nifty Gifties: Painfully Easy Cabled Fingerless Mitts.

As I mentioned in the last post, I’ve been on a birthday gifting frenzy of late and can finally post these brilliant and ridiculously easy cabled fingerless mitts I also gave my friend Lauren for that special day.

I decided to do a really simple pattern that I could easily bang out in a day (who wants something complex when its summer and you’re knitting winter items that won’t be worn for awhile?) and found an excellent wrist warmers pattern over at Wine & Needles, which I highly recommend to anyone who wants high satisfaction with minimal work because these aren’t even knit in the round!

The mitts are worked straight on a set of 8 dpns, and its a six stitch cable crossover. The side and thumb hole are simply seamed at the end and because of the ribbing, you can’t even tell! Amazing.

I knitted up Lauren’s using this excellent Moda Dea Bamboo Wool, which is washable, super soft, is eco-friendly, and holds brilliant color. The blue velvet color just pops insanely in person, and because its not striped or has weird weight, it showcases the cables beautifully and gives off this silky sheen. I’d be hard-pressed to find downsides to Bamboo–its even odor-resistant, which means making these fingerless mitts for smokers (though dropping the ciggies would be a better idea, kittens!) is probably the best thing you could ever do so they don’t have that dirty winter unwashed stale smokey smell that I often get blasted with on public transportation, which is so unfortunate.

When I was knitting them up, a friend kept asking me, “Now how do you wear those? Don’t your fingers get cold? What’s the point?” to which I declare, when you live in the city, fingerless mitts are so irresistible because while if its really cold you must tuck your fingies into pockets, they are perfect for those moments when you have to pull out your train card to get on the subway outside or unlock your door. Sometimes you just need your fingers to be free, and if you’re anti-glove and pro-mitten like myself, fingerless mitts are perfect if you don’t have mittens which turn into fingerless mitts laying around.

What’s more, Lauren emailed me this morning to tell me she unfortunately caught the nasty cold that’s plaguing everyone I know right about now—including myself—and that while home sick today in her freezing apartment, she’s laying about the couch in these mitts while she finishes up homework and odds and ends. Golf claps! Wears for the sickly, too!

File Under: Perfect Expensive Looking Giftage for a city dwelling friend. The rewards are so amazing.

Nifty Gifties: The Plant That Can Never Be Killed.

This summer, I went on a succulents frenzy. Not only do I have the real deal, but when the Sept./Oct. 2008 copy of Crochet Today! came, it gave me the option to have the fake deal, too.

Yes, crocheted cacti is what they are. And they are not only adorable, but they make excellent gifts, which is what I did with every single one I made. The pattern gives several basic designs for tall, short, and double decker cacti, with or without budding flowers, and they are all easily crocheted up “in a spiral”.

But after I tried all those, I decided to get a wee creative and developed a few of my own–cacti that look like pitchforks, ones with bright, giant flourescent colored blossoms (finally! I have an excuse to use at the kitschy Moda Dea Tutu yarn I had no idea what to do with), short ones, fat ones, you name it. I love making these! They are so simple yet oh so gratifying, and glue gunning them into little clay pots is just the most delicious idea ever.

Thank you Crochet Today! You can have a sneek peak at the pattern here, but you’ll have to buy up the magazine yourself in order to make these. For all my friends that are crafters and my Mum, I inserted little pins hither and thither not only as “thorns”, but they make really excellent pincushions, too, for all those needles and what not.

This particular cactus pictured was gifted to my friend Lauren, who does the most incredible beadwork I’ve seen in some time. So go buy one of her patterns, will you? After all, who doesn’t want a cactus pincushion for their birthday?

File Under: Giftage for the inclined to kill house plants. These are immune.