stockings | complete.

Homemade, with Pendleton wool remnants. I started working on this project and my mum finished it for me. Basically, she did almost everything–I cut out the patterns. Mostly because Pendleton wool remnants are quite hard yet for me to sew, what with my limited skills. I am so pleased with the way they came out;Continue reading “stockings | complete.”


Sean and I have a gorgeous gas fireplace in our living room of the new home. So it seemed fitting that I finally make some Christmas stockings. It is November, already, after all, and I had some amazing Pendleton fabric remnants laying around that I thought would be perfect for the project. The cuff willContinue reading “stockings.”


Remember when I mentioned I’d bought several Pendleton wool remnants because I wanted to refinish an antique wood bench I bought for my new house? Well, with the help of my artist sister, this weekend, I successfully decided which print would fit the style of the bench best and got it done. It was mostlyContinue reading “reupholstered.”


I’m a homeowner! Sorry for the outburst, I’m just still beyond thrilled and shocked that I’ve actually made a huge goal of mine come true–to buy a place of my own in Boston city limits. It’s been a long time coming, but I couldn’t be more ready to move into my place. I closed atContinue reading “remnants.”

glacier national park.

Decided to knit some socks with the Pendleton Glacier National Park blanket design in mind. These are moving along quickly, but I did use an afterthought heel that might not fit quite right, so there’s a chance I’ll rip back the entire foot and redo the heel. We’ll see… For these socks, I’m using stashContinue reading “glacier national park.”