A pair of hand beaded earrings I made for a former student, on her graduation day. I love the color combination and the slightly metallic pink of some of the beads. It definitely makes me want to get out my beads and get making.

I think I have too many hobbies; there isn’t enough time to make all the things.

church key, 8.3

I’ve become obsessed of late with traditional peyote beading around things like pens, wine bottle openers, and the above church key, or er, bottle opener. In the true spirit of our heritage, my sister has been making these things for years, and for some reason my interest was finally peaked.

For this particular church key, I’m using a transparent style bead. It’s a perfect hot weather activity and pattern making is quite a challenge, indeed. You can check out more snaps, and follow my progress with yet another little hobby, over at its flickr set.