Norway, I do love you!

Man, I love Pickles. Yes, your garden variety vinegared cuke, and of course, the Norwegian Blog. I recently finished their loverly heart hat, From Norway With Love, and its absolutely amazing. I didn’t follow their color scheme–and I added a pom pom on top for added kitsch–but I like my take on it too. IContinue reading “Norway, I do love you!”

A lavender jacket turns linen…

Finally! I have cast on a delicious pattern from the loverly Pickles Blog, which I have gushed over before. I am absolutely head over heels for their Lavender Jacket; only mine won’t be lavender. Instead, I’ve chosen a light tea dyed sort of white-tan color, much like linen. And I adore it. The bulk andContinue reading “A lavender jacket turns linen…”

In a Pickle with Heidi and Anna…all while wearing delicious vests!

I am, no doubt, absolutely obsessed with Pickles. Yes, I do mean the spicy, vinegary cuke treats–but more importantly, for the purposes of this here site, the beauteous Pickles blog, a Norway-based blog that also features a shop of yummy yarns and patterns. If you haven’t made the Pickles blog a daily reading habit, whatContinue reading “In a Pickle with Heidi and Anna…all while wearing delicious vests!”