make: quick fridge pickle.

To know me is to know I love all things pickle. But not sweet pickle. This is a quick refrigerator pickle from Smitten Kitchen and I can’t say enough about it. Easy, delicious, a necessary staple in my house. You can tweak the recipe to suit your needs–I didn’t have any fresh dill, so theseContinue reading “make: quick fridge pickle.”

Scenes from Providence…

This past Sunday was certainly a funday. I went to Providence for the afternoon to visit my good friends Mackenzie and Jon. While there, I not only spent an arm and a leg on gorgeous yarns at the beautious yarn shop Fresh Purls (go there! seriously), but we got down to the business of shoppingContinue reading “Scenes from Providence…”

In a Pickle with Heidi and Anna…all while wearing delicious vests!

I am, no doubt, absolutely obsessed with Pickles. Yes, I do mean the spicy, vinegary cuke treats–but more importantly, for the purposes of this here site, the beauteous Pickles blog, a Norway-based blog that also features a shop of yummy yarns and patterns. If you haven’t made the Pickles blog a daily reading habit, whatContinue reading “In a Pickle with Heidi and Anna…all while wearing delicious vests!”