inspiration | notes.

I have a lot of sketchbooks. Ones that are half filled, ones that are entirely filled, ones never touched. I start them, I stop them, sometimes, I finish them, whatever that means. But, nothing is more special to me than the way I conceive of my music podcast, available at my other love, P+C. It’sContinue reading “inspiration | notes.”

music making, more.

As most of my readers know, I am addicted to all things instrumental. If, like me, you are devoted to all things “make” and enjoy some background tunage to help you along in whatever pursuits you have, please subscribe to the Pulp and Circumstance podcast over at itunes. In a few clicks, you’ll have usContinue reading “music making, more.”

More music to make to…

If you happen to like music playing in the background while your knitting, crafting, or just generally “making”–then might I suggest you nod over to my music blog, Pulp and Circumstance, Juiced! and gobble up the first in the Summer Series Playlists. We’ll be publishing 3 more in the coming days, so keep checking back.Continue reading “More music to make to…”

It’s the Tops. Top Fivers that is. Podcast up!

Remember kittens, when this past week I told you to head over to My Top Five and contribute to my guest podcast? The theme? My Top Five Quintessential Tunes for a Genre. Welp, Tom has podcasted it up–with all your help and comments–and it’s ready for the gobbling. Everyone had really great selections, and whenContinue reading “It’s the Tops. Top Fivers that is. Podcast up!”

It’s My Top Five…no seriously….mine.

As most of the readers probably already know, I, humble blogger, have a serious addiction to all things music, and have been blogging about said obsession for more than a year over at Pulp and Circumstance, Juiced. Two weeks ago, one of my favorite bloggers Tom over at My Top Five approached me to inContinue reading “It’s My Top Five…no seriously….mine.”