Baby blabber…enough already!

Here’s a sneak peak at a baby sweater I recently finished for a co-worker with first chhhile. I swear, this year, my work is a baby making factory.

Alas, despite my own aversion to having babies at the mo, and in many future mos, I do like knitting baby stuff for other people. My mum always tells me the best gifts when you are expecting are handmade; most often, the recipients couldn’t agree more.

In the past, I’ve made this sweater before, in a pale yellow, and the white does it justice too. Plus, the details are girly because I know the sex of this one–little peach colored flower buttons that add a little something to this sweater. I’ve also made a matching teddy, but more on that later.

The weather hasn’t afforded appropriate light to shoot this sweater in all its glory; plus, my place has natural sunlight issues in summer what with all the leafy trees hovering over windows, so I’m aiming to actually get this one in all its glory at the weekend.

Stay tuned…

You’ll really push my buttons if you don’t help me decide…


I am so pleased with how well the leaves and lace panel is coming out for the Presto Chango Sweater. The button holes run up the seed stitch border pattern, making them nearly invisible which I like so much. I’m nearly done the panel–just two more repeats of the leave pattern, which shouldn’t take but a bit more of the afternoon.

But what does everyone think for the buttons? There are four of them along each side of the outside border of this panel….should I go with a bold color or keep it simple and do a variation on white/off white? Shiny? Flat color? I was almost thinking, it may sound strange, but a red, yellow, or green colored button may make this sweater pop. Still, I don’t know if they will take away from the gorgeous lace pattern…no button should ever outshine leave panels….if it were straight stockinette stitch, I’d say it would need the punch, but in this case, maybe it doesn’t?

Suggestions needed before I purchase the buttons tomorrow!

Presto…Chango? Nope, Presto Almost Finished-O!


Saturday mornings, especially in winter, are the best times to lay around and knit. There isn’t enough white space here in which I can drool all over the laying about the couch in slippers, a full coffee mug, an incredible night’s sleep under the belt, and a knitting project on the sticks.

That being said, as the wind was howling like crazy this morn, I sat about my couch and finished (yes finished!) the entire back, sleeves, and sides of the PrestoChango Sweater I’ve been working on for that baby shower next weekend.

I got the right sleeve and side done last night while my friend Esteban and I gorged on Chinese food, watched the Bruins game, the opening 40 of Superman (the only good parts), and of course, our favorite, Whale Wars, which had a billion trailers with comments about how “compelling” and “entertaining” it is, written by who knows who at our ye ole newspaper of employment, The Boston Herald, which of course, made us chuckle as much as we could before we felt we might vomit from over eats.

Alas, I was too full to make any significant dent in finishing, which I fixed for myself this morning. Now, all that’s left is the panel front, seaming up the sleevs and sides, and affixing the eight buttons to the front. Woo! Expect me to post the final product in the coming days.

It’s beautiful!

File Under: I wish I were a baby right now so I could snuggle in this sweater.