block printing | studio practice


After my first go around with block printing back in November, I’ve been taking to it in the last few weeks to explore printing blocks on top of one another, and determining how to create pattern.


I’m getting in a lot of studio practice, thanks in part to a little space set up for me in work by a brilliant artist friend and co worker of mine, Rebecca. As an extension of having this space, the students can see how we work, our process, and we can demo different techniques.

The first block I made featured the No DAPL slogan. If you don’t know about Dakota Access, know that its one of the most important issues facing Native Americans right now; our sacred land and water are threatened and you should get involved. I decided to make this block print because I could easily replicate it a million times to spread awareness.

This is our civil rights moment as indigenous peoples. I will use my craft and my art to spread the message.

slinging ink.

I’ve had numerous requests for “Smile at Racism” tshirts in the last month. I decided to start printing some of those requests and getting them in the mail. Here is my first attempt at pearl white opaque on darker tshirts. It is difficult, to say the least, but I’m getting the hang of it.

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