craftland, 6.24

Whenever I visit Mack in Providence, we always insist on a leisurely trip to Craftland, which features gorgeous handmade items for sale from local artists and crafters. I love it. The above “I’m a Crafty Mother Fucker” buttons are by RAR RAR Press; the great thing about Craftland is you can fall smitten with somethingContinue reading “craftland, 6.24”

Scenes from Providence…

This past Sunday was certainly a funday. I went to Providence for the afternoon to visit my good friends Mackenzie and Jon. While there, I not only spent an arm and a leg on gorgeous yarns at the beautious yarn shop Fresh Purls (go there! seriously), but we got down to the business of shoppingContinue reading “Scenes from Providence…”

There was not a single thing “Grim” about a place of Providence?

This Sunday I went to visit a quite good friend in the place of my birth, fittingly named Providence because any place I entered the world would be just such. Er, strike that, reverse? Anyways, I went to visit my good mate MacKenzie and while we gorged on brunch at a little nook, never endingContinue reading “There was not a single thing “Grim” about a place of Providence?”