knit | kai tank.


I’m on a linen yarn kick and I love making tank tops. This summer seemed to take forever to get here; and so while I begged for warmer skies this spring, I knit up a Kai Tank top using Quince and Co. kestrel linen yarn in the graphite color way.

The only modifications I made was to not do the color block contrasting color at the bottom and I ripped out the neck edging because for some reason, I couldn’t get the tank top over my head with it! I made size two and my gauge was spot on–so I don’t know why my edge was so tight and didn’t work. Luckily, I think it’s ok without it.

This is the second linen tank I’ve made this year–both bottom up designs with nice split hems, which I think are really flattering. You can get more details about my project here.

wear | merrifield sweater.


I finished my Merrifield Sweater by Pam Allen back in May, and today is the first time I’m actually wearing it out in the world (to my job). I’m loving the fit, which is unusual for me–usually, I never wear my hand knit sweaters because the sleeves are too long, or too short, or the body is too long, or the yoke feels like it doesn’t sit so nice.

This one, this one feels like a dream. I’m glad I knit it in one of the smallest sizes, because ultimately I think my frame is more petite than I feel in my mind.


This was knit up using Quince and Co. kestrel yarn (linen) in urchin and is a perfect sweater for this weird October weather we are having–chilly mornings, mid 70s afternoons.

See my project notes here.

wip | merrifield.


I love Pam Allen’s patterns for Quince and Co. They are always beautiful and have small details–like Merrifield, which features a square neckline and the use of slipped stitches to create cool cables.

This was such a fast knit. I don’t know why it was finished in just a handful of days and not any marathon knit sessions. But I think it’s shape, drape, and boxier fit will be perfect on my petite frame. The kestrel yarn grows with wear, so I’m excited to see how the finished product looks.

All it needs is blocking. I didn’t make any mods, knit the second smallest size because I’ve used kestrel for garments before and find that it grows and my frame (particularly my torso) is very petite, and used the same color way as the sample–urchin. I think, of the three color ways I’ve used before, this is by far my favorite.

Finished snaps, soon.

f.o. | hamlin peak.


I love Quince and Co. Kestrel linen yarn. I knit this flex tee in it last year, and to date, it is one of my favorite knits–for the interesting construction, the fit, and the compliments I have received when I wear it (“You made that?).

Knitting is, by far, my longest, and most interesting love affair. It’s so rewarding and equally frustrating at times. But, I always come back to it and I can’t quit it. I think about sitting down to my project several times a day; there are far too many projects, yarns, inspiring makers, to fit it all in. I’ve made countless sweaters that I never wear–deciding they don’t look good on me or aren’t as beautiful as other makers’ knits.

And that’s Hamlin Peak by Pam Allen, a sweater I’ve been eyeing to knit for about a year and finally decided it was time. It’s a really quick and easy knit; lots of stockinette and increases at each edge. I love the way it flows. But, will I wear it? We shall see…

This was knit up with 9 skeins of Quince and Co. kestrel in the minos colorway, which I already had in my stash when I was going to make something else and decided against it (score for another complete stash buster!). I actually knit the 33-inch bust size, because in my experience using this yarn for a garment before, it definitely grows a lot with blocking. However, its springy, and can shrink up pretty easily with a quick fluff in the dryer post blocking. Knitting the size 33 was the right decision; its a perfect fit. Hamlin Peak is a little cropped in the back; but I think this would look good with a pair of gray jeans or with a summer dress.

What do you think? Snaps wearing it, soon.

flex tee | finished.


Flex by Heidi Kirrmaier is one of my favorite projects this year. It was quick, easy, and featured a really nice linen yarn that I’m now obsessed with: Quince and Co. kestrel.

This is the pebble colorway and its a dream. I definitely could have knit this a size smaller but the drape is nice and we will see how it washes up.


The construction on this pattern is really interesting and keeps you engaged. Definitely add this one to the major success projects that I might actually wear regularly.

You can read more about my process here.

flex | finish line.


My Flex tshirt by Heidi Kirrmaier is nearly finished! All that’s left is a little side seaming and I can officially find out whether this is going to fit the way I want it to (fingers crossed for me, please).

What a dream pattern. The construction was different and engaging and the Quince and Co. Kestrel linen was the perfect yarn. Plus, all told, this tshirt took less than two weeks without feverish knitting every night. This is actually my first tshirt in all my years as a knitter and I think I’m presently addicted.

Finished project shots forthcoming.


What other tshirts should I consider knitting?

flex | linen.


I decided I wanted to take another stab at a linen yarn project. A couple years back, I made the Saco Stripes tank top out of Quince and Co. Sparrow, and despite knitting the smallest size, it was way too big on me. So I gifted it off to my sister (with sadness–I really wanted it to fit).

This time around, I’m knitting with Quince and Co.’s Kestrel yarn, and absolutely loving the way it looks and feels. Talk about knitting up quick, too. This will eventually be a tshirt called Flex by Heidi Kirrmaier. I love the interesting construction and thought the long lengths of stockinette would be easy knitting when my mind is distracted.

Eventually, I want to knit the Hamlin Peak sweater by Pam Allen in a lighter colorway of kestrel, too. I will wait to see how the finishing product on this tshirt looks on me, and what happens to the yarn after blocking.

Are you into knitting with linen? What projects?