Waffles on Sunday?

Thanks for all your support, my fellow Ravelers! Just a little reminder that the Waffles for Wellies sock pattern has been recently released and is available for download. Price is just $3.50 for a complete sock pattern in more than one size. You can read about the Waffles for Wellies pattern here, or purchase itContinue reading “Waffles on Sunday?”

Waffles for Wellies…now available!

Exciting news, kitties! I’ve release yet another pattern on Ravelry. The Waffles for Wellies pattern features a pair of men’s waffle stitch socks with an athletic toe detail, and the results are pretty awesome in person so you should definitely make these. The waffle detail makes this sock pop despite the fact it is aContinue reading “Waffles for Wellies…now available!”

Noros for your neck!

I have been working hard to actually accomplish a lot in knitting this winter. The latest in endeavors is a free pattern available for the gobbling over at my Designer Ravelry Page. I created the Neck Noro last week because I had two skeins of this gorgeous Noro Kochoron laying around and didn’t know whatContinue reading “Noros for your neck!”

Cheer me up with these glasses!

How badly do I want the delicious “Ripped” and “Frogged” pint glasses for frothy bevvies, on sale at the brilliant knitting community Ravelry. The pair, which feature the knitting terms for ripping back work when an error is found (sometimes really far back, making ripping the most dreadful of sorts) and for frogging a projectContinue reading “Cheer me up with these glasses!”