reader request: current addictions, march.

A reader asked in January if I’d do a series on my “Current Addictions”. What a brilliant idea, really, and a way for me to catalog somewhere, the things I liked, desired, wanted, needed, at the time. Well, I failed to make this happen in Feburary, but its March now, the weather might be improving,Continue reading “reader request: current addictions, march.”

reader request: knitting skin.

As most knitters know, the constant working of wool around your fingers can often leave the skin torn up, sore, and chapped. Just today, I had a pretty bloody nail bed after spending the weekend working up some knits for impending babies (not mine, of course! others! others!). I swear by L’Occitane Shea Butter HandContinue reading “reader request: knitting skin.”

reader request: from my purse.

A reader asked that I dump out the contents of my purse; I was confused; after a few clicks, I realized, apparently this is something other bloggers do. And so I’ll oblige for the request series. My purse is vintage Coach, purchased for a measly some odd dollars on Etsy from YokohiYoko–a brilliant thrifter livingContinue reading “reader request: from my purse.”

Reader Request: Inspiring places to work…

A reader wrote this week and asks: “Where is a place you find inspiring to work?” Of course, there are a number of those places, but only one recent experience came to mind. The other day in work, I needed a quiet spot to clear my head and try and get some last minute thingsContinue reading “Reader Request: Inspiring places to work…”

Reader Request: Scenes from my desk…

I adore desks; any desk I’ve ever had in my life has been rammed with all sorts of goodies: stationary, stickers, odds and ends, music, pens, markers, crayons…you name it. It’s odd, though; my home doesn’t have a desk. There’s nowhere really to put it, actually, as I don’t have a second room for officeContinue reading “Reader Request: Scenes from my desk…”

Reader Request: Scenes from my small kitchen.

A reader recently emailed me and asked if I would take some snaps of my kitchen. And in an effort to give the readers what they want, I will now feature a new series, “Reader Requests”. Most of the requests I’ve received lately are inspired–so, I’ll give it a go. If you have any requestContinue reading “Reader Request: Scenes from my small kitchen.”