reader request: current addictions, january.

After leaving the reader request series lethargic and floundering to last minute Christmas gifting and frenzy, a recent note popped through the box asking that I do a “current addictions” sort of thing. I have plenty of addictions. From top left to right: 1. Jenness Farm Goat Milk Soap (the spearmint, Cape Cod Cranberry, andContinue reading “reader request: current addictions, january.”

Reader Request: Inspiring places to work…

A reader wrote this week and asks: “Where is a place you find inspiring to work?” Of course, there are a number of those places, but only one recent experience came to mind. The other day in work, I needed a quiet spot to clear my head and try and get some last minute thingsContinue reading “Reader Request: Inspiring places to work…”

Reader Request: Scenes from my desk…

I adore desks; any desk I’ve ever had in my life has been rammed with all sorts of goodies: stationary, stickers, odds and ends, music, pens, markers, crayons…you name it. It’s odd, though; my home doesn’t have a desk. There’s nowhere really to put it, actually, as I don’t have a second room for officeContinue reading “Reader Request: Scenes from my desk…”

Reader Request: Weekend Coffee

As part of my Reader Request series, I’ll be publishing posts based on things you sometimes desire to know, like one that recently came through my inbox: “How do you like to take your coffee on weekends? Go out? Stay in? Espresso?” I’ll pretty much take it any way, but in the afternoon, one ofContinue reading “Reader Request: Weekend Coffee”