make: quick fridge pickle.

To know me is to know I love all things pickle. But not sweet pickle. This is a quick refrigerator pickle from Smitten Kitchen and I can’t say enough about it. Easy, delicious, a necessary staple in my house. You can tweak the recipe to suit your needs–I didn’t have any fresh dill, so theseContinue reading “make: quick fridge pickle.”

cook | beef ramen.

This entire spring has been relatively cold and rainy. Day in, day out. We need the rain, but it leaves me is quite a funk. Some of the only creative outlets I’ve had in this weather are in the kitchen. And so, when it poured and poured last week, and the idea of walking andContinue reading “cook | beef ramen.”

With another Bush heading out the White House, let’s all gorge on broccoli!

Sometimes rainy Friday nights are good for a steaming, hot bowl of soup. And soup is what I made. Broccoli cheese soup, in fact, which sticks to the ribs in a good way, and the perfect way to get some veggies while veggin’ out. So, without further babble, I bring you my Broccoli-Cheddar Soupy Soup!Continue reading “With another Bush heading out the White House, let’s all gorge on broccoli!”

When the day gets chilly, welp, make some….!

Last night, while sporting the blahsies from a late night of pint imbibing over Halloween (of which I was Wendy Thomas of the famous burger chain, and gave out double stack cheeseburgers from said burger chain all night, and my good friend Esteban Miguel came along as a Priest, and beautifully posed while drinking trappistContinue reading “When the day gets chilly, welp, make some….!”

Curry up and eat this!

Reality is sandwiches, famed beatnik poet Allen Ginsberg once so brilliantly noted. And as those closest to me know, I stick wholeheartedly to that mantra–declaring myself sandwiching queen, or, er, freak? I love all things sandwich. I could eat them at every meal; I used to painstakingly build up sandwiches for my pa’s lunches, toastingContinue reading “Curry up and eat this!”