lighter sesame noodles.

I’ve been in a winter food rut; continually going to tried and true favorites, comforts, and easy recipes because this cold has put me in a funk. Call it lack of motivation to try something new, I guess. But last night, I decided to rip myself out of it by easing in gently. Enter MarthaContinue reading “lighter sesame noodles.”

The chicken and the goat in hot weather…

Might I suggest one of the most delicious, filling, and easy as 1-2-I have food meals I’ve had in a long time? The amazing Scrambled Egg Toast, which I happened to read and salivate over at Smitten Kitchen this week; then again, when have I not salivated over anything she makes? This was the perfectContinue reading “The chicken and the goat in hot weather…”

Quite “nutty” about this concoction…

Today I made some delicious spicy Thai peanut noodles, and damn if I’m not proud of this fact. I’ve always loved peanut-inspired dishes, and anything involving noodles, really. This dish is a simple concotion of thick spaghetti, garlic, red bell pepper, baby bok choy, and carrot. I begun by sauteeing some garlic in a dashContinue reading “Quite “nutty” about this concoction…”

Mozzar-ella..ella…ella…the tomato-basil-cheese version of Rihanna’s hit?

I’ve come up with  little delicious alternative to the standard tomato-fresh mozzarella-basil panini or french baguette. Instead, I made mine avoiding the mealy, flavorless, less than worth the coin vine-ripe tomatoes for the always fresh in winter, juicy grape ones, cut up thin, lengthwise. What’s more, I used this delicious mozzarella made fresh in Bennington,Continue reading “Mozzar-ella..ella…ella…the tomato-basil-cheese version of Rihanna’s hit?”

Peasant 3 was sure to note, “Well, she turned me into a newt!”

…thank you, Monty Python. There’s nothing better than breaking bread with a friend, something I’ve been trying to make a habit of lately. While my wrists are just about killing me from all that dough kneading, those moments when the loaf cracks in two and the crusty crumbs fly everywhere, make those pains in myContinue reading “Peasant 3 was sure to note, “Well, she turned me into a newt!””


There are some days when I wish I were back on the piggie. One of those days is today. Especially after I stumbled upon To Be Mrs. Marv’s brilliant blog about variations on the delicious classic Grilled Cheese, which boasted a whole host of strange ingredients together betwixt bread with the constant cheese that soundedContinue reading “Yup…cheese.”

“I’m never gonna get used to the 31st century. Caffeinated bacon? Baconated grapefruit?”

After mentioning earlier I thought that Maple Oat Bread would add a delicious bite to a B.L.T., I decided to give it a whirl. And boy. Oh boy. Tonight’s dinner was what I have no coined the “A bit of Maple Syrup BLT” because I had an overstuffed lunch and thought just a sandwich forContinue reading ““I’m never gonna get used to the 31st century. Caffeinated bacon? Baconated grapefruit?””

Breaking the loaf in half?

The Atlantic has a great article called “Half a Loaf: When Bakers Break Up, Who Gets Custody of the Recipes?” by Corby Kummer in the October 2008 Issue. It’s an intriguing piece on recipe sharing, recipe creating, and partnership–what happens when that ends? Do you split the recipes in half? Does one take them all?Continue reading “Breaking the loaf in half?”

This dish won’t be a leftover for long…but makes a good one nontheless!

There’s nothing I love more than a giant bowl of pasta. But sometimes you don’t want the standard red sauce, so I opt for pastas like my “Turkey Sausage with Broccoli Rab Farfalle”, which is something I pretty much concocted after I got sick of Giada’s brilliant version, which has peas instead of broccoli, mushrooms,Continue reading “This dish won’t be a leftover for long…but makes a good one nontheless!”

Nothing chocolate…nothing gained?

For some reason, I had a serious hankering to whip up a new cookie recipe featured in the October issue of Everyday Food by Martha Stewart, which not only has death by chocolate desserts, but delicious looking one pot wonders and yummy talapia which make me drool. Everyday Food is one of my favorite monthlyContinue reading “Nothing chocolate…nothing gained?”

It’s never a debate whether these will leave you satisfied…

Yesterday was gray and pouring and generally one akin to a few blues here or there, and you know what the pefect medicine is? Visiting your sister and experiencing her homemade tortillas. They are truly heaven on earth–and warm right on the tortilla press is just yet another reason to be thankful for existence. So,Continue reading “It’s never a debate whether these will leave you satisfied…”

“Don’t spit on my cupcake and tell me it’s frosting!”

I recently approached my good mate Jessica “Mimsie” George about contributing all things cupcake to the Kraftworkin’ blog, because, well, she makes loads of ’em, and they’re not just the standard chocolate and vanilla variety. Oh no. They involve complex emulsions and flavored frostings and kitschy decorating techniques, like brain wave frosting and mustachioed madness.Continue reading ““Don’t spit on my cupcake and tell me it’s frosting!””