Squeal for Self-Stripes!

Some really gorgeous sock yarns I ordered from Knit Picks just came in; this self-striping superwash merino is amazing because the striping is quite thick, creating these candy-cane like blocks of color. I can’t wait to start working with them; I think the color at right I’ll actually work up for myself as a sortContinue reading “Squeal for Self-Stripes!”

Call thy hot lead and cold feet…

Ahh…the sweet warmth of success! I finally finished the latest pair of socks…and boy are they extra comfy and the absolute perfect fit and length. I feel incredibly victorious with these feet puppies since I originally though I cast on too many stitches and they may be a bit loosey goosey. Uh ah. They areContinue reading “Call thy hot lead and cold feet…”

Here’s to hoping Chamberlain had dry socks on the battle fields…or at least a pint at bay?

I took some time out of the aforementioned new addiction to whimsy lace knitting in order to knit up a pair of socks….again. But for once, I think I might keep these puppies for myself (…though perhaps not…my Mum’s tootsies are always coldy, so maybe for her, instead). The sock yarn is a blue, grey,Continue reading “Here’s to hoping Chamberlain had dry socks on the battle fields…or at least a pint at bay?”

Sock on the mantle? Meh! Try the feet.

Wow, who would have thought I’d be knitting so many socks this winter, since generally speaking, up to this point, I’ve actually taken little to no pleasure in the creation of these toasty feet wonders. And now, I may say, I’m a semi-convert. I won’t go out on a limb and declare myself full-blown sockContinue reading “Sock on the mantle? Meh! Try the feet.”

Yep, it’s Socktoberfest in November.

Finally! I finished one of the socks I cast on, what, within two weeks of original start date? What is wrong with this picture?! Anyways, they are perfect. Whilst they look quite big in this photo, a measurement of sorts indicates that they will be the most fitting slouchy sock for a woolie fanatic. AndContinue reading “Yep, it’s Socktoberfest in November.”

Socktoberfest in November? Perhcaps, Perhcaps.

Tonight I took an absolutely spledid walk around downtown, and ended up on the streets of Chinatown wishing I wasn’t so darn full or I would have stopped for some tasty dumplings. While riding the train towards my night of gandering to The Talking Heads, I dug around in the bottom of my bag onlyContinue reading “Socktoberfest in November? Perhcaps, Perhcaps.”