Squeal for Self-Stripes!

Some really gorgeous sock yarns I ordered from Knit Picks just came in; this self-striping superwash merino is amazing because the striping is quite thick, creating these candy-cane like blocks of color.

I can’t wait to start working with them; I think the color at right I’ll actually work up for myself as a sort of “boot sock” for this winter; I’d like the stripes to slightly peek out of my boots. The green colorway I’ll make for a friend in a slightly different style.

Or, should I…

You can scoop up this affordable sock yarn here. They’ve already got new colorways in a sport weight for knitting with size 3-5 needles, too. I really desire the Chimney I just saw, and scooped up some more! Thank you Knit Picks, thank you!

Call thy hot lead and cold feet…


Ahh…the sweet warmth of success! I finally finished the latest pair of socks…and boy are they extra comfy and the absolute perfect fit and length. I feel incredibly victorious with these feet puppies since I originally though I cast on too many stitches and they may be a bit loosey goosey.

Uh ah. They are perfect, though I really can’t decide if I should gift them out or actually save a pair of them for myself. I slipped them on my seriously hypothermic feet and boy were they a cheer. Laying about a cold house wearing homemade socks and reading a book may be the greatest adventure post copious amounts of seafood eating.

File Under: Golf, claps, Jenna. You done sockie knitting good.

Here’s to hoping Chamberlain had dry socks on the battle fields…or at least a pint at bay?


I took some time out of the aforementioned new addiction to whimsy lace knitting in order to knit up a pair of socks….again. But for once, I think I might keep these puppies for myself (…though perhaps not…my Mum’s tootsies are always coldy, so maybe for her, instead).

The sock yarn is a blue, grey, magenta, and tealish colorway, and I have to say, they are coming along beatious and extra long (but not quite a knee sock). I’ve already completed one, and the above photo shows the second, which is nearly to the heel…and if I can stop procrastinating and stick to the round, then I can have the second one completed by weekend. Keeps fingers crossed.

To help the whole thing along, I decided to try out a sixer of Shipyard’s Chamberlain Pale Ale, since I’m a super fan of the brewer’s Pumpkin beer. Delish. And I do say, it was a risky but rewarding choice. It’s super malty (which I like) and not overly hoppy (another plus), so I can really taste it…and drink it. It’s not a sipping beer, it’s an “enjoy a sixer” kind of beer, but with more taste than the average pale ale. And it’s a good bottle to hit when the store is lacking in the Sierra Nevada (true story).

Added bonus? Um, the label art is hilarious. Makes me want a Chamberlain in a navy Civil War suit on my watch.

File Under: A sixer and socks is the only way to enjoy knitting, methinks.

Sock on the mantle? Meh! Try the feet.


Wow, who would have thought I’d be knitting so many socks this winter, since generally speaking, up to this point, I’ve actually taken little to no pleasure in the creation of these toasty feet wonders.

And now, I may say, I’m a semi-convert. I won’t go out on a limb and declare myself full-blown sock knitting craz-o, but I’m pretty darn consistent these days in producing some sleeves for ere feeties.

These beautious purply-brown-orange colorway are a simple stockinette stitch sock with a 1/2-inch 1X1 ribbing, but that’s literally all I can say about them since they were so easy to knit up and I didn’t follow any pattern.

I intend to gift these glorious babies (which fit a small foot more than perfectly…and by small I mean sized 4 or 5) to my Mum, who has little bitty feet like me, though she’s got a good 1/2-inch on me, clocking it at a monsterous 5.5.


File Under: Socks on the mantle, socks on the feet. Whichever you choose.

Yep, it’s Socktoberfest in November.



I finished one of the socks I cast on, what, within two weeks of original start date? What is wrong with this picture?! Anyways, they are perfect. Whilst they look quite big in this photo, a measurement of sorts indicates that they will be the most fitting slouchy sock for a woolie fanatic.

And the self-striping reds, blacks, blues, and yellows are a nice change from some of the more standard sock yarns in blues and greys.


Because I was so pleased (considering this is the first set of socks I’ve done in regular stockinette in which I did not follow a pattern, cast on the amount of stitches I thought were good, and of course, adjusted the heel, instep, and toe stitches!), I decided to immediately cast-on the second sock (as I have a habit of getting bored and only making one).

I’m so proud.


File Under: November most certainly is my Socktoberfest!

Socktoberfest in November? Perhcaps, Perhcaps.

Tonight I took an absolutely spledid walk around downtown, and ended up on the streets of Chinatown wishing I wasn’t so darn full or I would have stopped for some tasty dumplings. While riding the train towards my night of gandering to The Talking Heads, I dug around in the bottom of my bag only to realize I’d forgotten the Baby Poonan Sweater I’m meant to be working on, but did in fact find a random skein of sock yarn and the appropriately gauged needles, and so, I cast on for some standard stockinette striped socks, which will no doubt become a gift.

While I normally don’t adore sock knitting like a lot of other crafter geniuses, I have to say once the 1/2″ ribbing was completed at the top, it’s just easy breezy knitting without having to worry or pay close attention, which is beyond gratifying!

I CO 64 stitches on size 3 dpns, and worked the K1P1 rib for the aforemetioned measure. The yarn is a cool self-striping wool in blues and grays and it looks really yummy with a simple pattern to highlight the colors so I’m pleased to have picked the standard stockinette.

I hope these don’t end up too slouchy and fall down all the time. Keeping fingers crossed because I.refuse.to.yank.them.out!

File Under: Perhaps this month will become my very own Socktoberfest, and I will take to sock knitting like the rest of my crafting friends?