f.o.: the doc’s new striped socks.

These were socks I knot for the doc for his Christmas gift. Readers of the blog know how much he loves hand knit socks and I have to churn out a few pairs a year to add to his collection. These are a simple after-thought heel sock knit using Nomadic Yarns self-striping sock yarn inContinue reading “f.o.: the doc’s new striped socks.”

knit | let’s dress crazy birthday socks.

I always knit some birthday socks for the doc because he loves them so much. These ones are my favorite, The After Thought Heel Socks, and they fit like a dream. Knit up with Quaere Fibre self-striping sock yarn in the Let’s Dress Crazy colorway. I love this small batch fiber–I’ve used more than oneContinue reading “knit | let’s dress crazy birthday socks.”

Sock it to me…

There’s nothing better than the feel of beach stones in winter underfoot. Especially when you’re wearing a pair of handknit socks. And I finally made myself a pair. A simple top down stockinette stitch sock with a ribbed cuff, these socks are super high (think knee high) and super warm. There’s really nothing else toContinue reading “Sock it to me…”

Socktoberfest? So long as I have a pint of some Oktoberfest along for the ride.

So remember how I mentioned the other day that November may become my very own Socktoberfest? Welp, I think that is a possibility because I’ve cast on yet another pair of self-striping socks, done up in a simple 1/2-inch rib and the standard stockinette stitch. Because I had issues with the first pair seemingly tooContinue reading “Socktoberfest? So long as I have a pint of some Oktoberfest along for the ride.”