A springtime bandit in the wind…

Finally, I’ve taken a few snaps of the Springtime Bandit, a triangular scarf I made for my Mum for her birthday this year. The blocking came out perfect in my h.o.; I hate when lace looks overly stretched and even though I would have liked to get a bit more out of this guy toContinue reading “A springtime bandit in the wind…”


Photo Credit: Motoya Nakamura for The Oregonian/2005 Have you started the Rav-Olympics? We’re halfway through, already! If you are unfamiliar with the Rav-Olympics, essentially its a knit-a-thon during the 2 weeks the Olympic athletes descend on the host country to battle against the world’s best. The goal: to knit up something super ambitious during thatContinue reading “Rav-Olympics!”