make: quick fridge pickle.

To know me is to know I love all things pickle. But not sweet pickle. This is a quick refrigerator pickle from Smitten Kitchen and I can’t say enough about it. Easy, delicious, a necessary staple in my house. You can tweak the recipe to suit your needs–I didn’t have any fresh dill, so theseContinue reading “make: quick fridge pickle.”

cheddar goldfish | bake.

I’ve made these a a handful of times and they never get old–Smitten Kitchen’s homemade cheddar goldfish. My only mod? Adding red pepper flakes for a kicked up, spicy, adult version perfect for snacking alongside a cold beer. If you are looking to procure a little mini goldfish cutter, here’s where I got mine.

pea, prosciutto | pasta.

The other week, I made this really simple dinner courtesy Smitten Kitchen. I love the genius way you freeze the fresh tortellini and then cook them like pot stickers–first browning them in oil over a hissing pan, and then finishing them with a quick steam. Genius. The mint, fresh squeezed lemon juice, and dollop ofContinue reading “pea, prosciutto | pasta.”

The chicken and the goat in hot weather…

Might I suggest one of the most delicious, filling, and easy as 1-2-I have food meals I’ve had in a long time? The amazing Scrambled Egg Toast, which I happened to read and salivate over at Smitten Kitchen this week; then again, when have I not salivated over anything she makes? This was the perfectContinue reading “The chicken and the goat in hot weather…”

This weather makes for plenty of “dimples”…dimples in cake, that is!

This unseasonably warm weather has rejuvinated much of my November-ly blemberly spirit, and with that comes copious doses of cinamon, plum, and what makes these two things go well together: coffee cake. I urge you to take to this weather, crunch under the remaining dead leaves, and then dive into beaters and bowl and makeContinue reading “This weather makes for plenty of “dimples”…dimples in cake, that is!”

A cake of another sort…

Tonight I wanted a simple meal that would be entirely filling…and I think I hit it well. Again, I headed over to the always amazing, always reliable, and always salivate-inducing Smitten Kitchen–but this time it was no browsing…I immediately knew what I wanted: potato pancakes. Ever since I ordered some Zaftig’s famous potato pancakes lastContinue reading “A cake of another sort…”

No, it’s not knitting a ‘raspberry beret’…still, I think I love her…

It’s been quite some time since I took to the kitchen and baked. Sure, I’ve experimented quite a bit with regular ol’ meals–but nothing in the way of sweet treats. And for some reason today, while purusing cooking blogs, figured it was high time I hit the mixing bowls and measures. And wow was itContinue reading “No, it’s not knitting a ‘raspberry beret’…still, I think I love her…”