f.o. | birthday stripes.

33294929604_947fd8ae80_cThe doc loves my hand knit socks. He wears them almost religiously, until its swamp summer climates. And every holiday, birthday, celebration, or just because, I make him a pair.

He’s amassed quite the collection. A lot of them have been phased out of wear because I won’t darn holes in socks. That’s the wear they get.

Here is his 34th birthday socks, gifted to him yesterday. These are a classic after thought heel sock (perfect for self-striping sock yarn), knit up in Quaere Fibre sock in the snips and snails colorway. Aren’t they gorgeous?

I definitely want to know a few more pairs with this yarn–hand dyed by a Rhode Island based fiber artist. Grab some! You won’t be disappointed.

Here are my project notes.



These speckled yarns, they are a craze. I admit; I’m kind of on the bandwagon. I did make these mittens with Madelinetosh Tosh Vintage in the Holi Festival speckled colorway for my sister in law this past Christmas. And I bought enough skeins of Tosh Vintage in Filtered Light for a sweater, though I may make it just an accent at this point.

Enter this Hedgehog Fibres skein of sock yarn. They will become socks for the doc. He’s looking for something bright and outrageous. This should fit the bill.

Are you in on the speckled yarns craze?

Squeal for Self-Stripes!

Some really gorgeous sock yarns I ordered from Knit Picks just came in; this self-striping superwash merino is amazing because the striping is quite thick, creating these candy-cane like blocks of color.

I can’t wait to start working with them; I think the color at right I’ll actually work up for myself as a sort of “boot sock” for this winter; I’d like the stripes to slightly peek out of my boots. The green colorway I’ll make for a friend in a slightly different style.

Or, should I…

You can scoop up this affordable sock yarn here. They’ve already got new colorways in a sport weight for knitting with size 3-5 needles, too. I really desire the Chimney I just saw, and scooped up some more! Thank you Knit Picks, thank you!

Sock on the mantle? Meh! Try the feet.


Wow, who would have thought I’d be knitting so many socks this winter, since generally speaking, up to this point, I’ve actually taken little to no pleasure in the creation of these toasty feet wonders.

And now, I may say, I’m a semi-convert. I won’t go out on a limb and declare myself full-blown sock knitting craz-o, but I’m pretty darn consistent these days in producing some sleeves for ere feeties.

These beautious purply-brown-orange colorway are a simple stockinette stitch sock with a 1/2-inch 1X1 ribbing, but that’s literally all I can say about them since they were so easy to knit up and I didn’t follow any pattern.

I intend to gift these glorious babies (which fit a small foot more than perfectly…and by small I mean sized 4 or 5) to my Mum, who has little bitty feet like me, though she’s got a good 1/2-inch on me, clocking it at a monsterous 5.5.


File Under: Socks on the mantle, socks on the feet. Whichever you choose.

Success in fake socktoberfest!


I finally finished both socks! Over the holiday, I got some serious knitting done (after finally completing all things baby I had to do for a baby shower that has since come and gone) and one thing I dedicated much of my time to was getting things off the needles before casting on others.

And I can say, I’m really pleased with the final result of these socks, which got me thinking my November would actually be the Socktoberfest, which hasn’t failed to prove true.

These gifties are a great success, I have to say. Worked in a simple stockinette stitch, I didn’t follow a pattern unfortunately (for fortunately?) but if you want any help with doing something similar or need advice on finger weight yarn or any adapations, by all means let me know.

File Under: Good thing it’s finally Decemember which means there’s a need for these toastie footies.


Place your orders…


My obsession with socks is clear. I always hated the idea of knitting them–I felt no one would wear them, or they were too pretty and intricate to be hidden under shoes. Or, quite frankly, that I never had the motivation to cast-on the other sock after I’d finished the first one.

But, they are the perfect little knitting project to throw in your bag for on the fly knitting. And sock yarns are so delicious, I could eat them up constantly and never feel full.

And one of the more exciting bits about going to visit your Mum’s house over the holiday weekend is to find a splendid number of handspun sock yarns in a bin about the basement that you totally forgot about.

File Under: Socks, anyone?