student KAL, 10.8

One of my students and I are doing the Through the Loops Mystery Sock KAL together for Socktoberfest.

AB is using a variegated fingering from Knit Picks, and I’m using a solid navy fingering unlabeled I had laying in my stash–this will hopefully show AB how yarn selection changes the look, feel, and mood of a knitting project.

I’m confident hers is looking so much better than mine based on yarn choice alone; we’ve done the cuff, and now its onto the mid-section, which was released yesterday.

Snaps of mine to come.

Sock on the mantle? Meh! Try the feet.


Wow, who would have thought I’d be knitting so many socks this winter, since generally speaking, up to this point, I’ve actually taken little to no pleasure in the creation of these toasty feet wonders.

And now, I may say, I’m a semi-convert. I won’t go out on a limb and declare myself full-blown sock knitting craz-o, but I’m pretty darn consistent these days in producing some sleeves for ere feeties.

These beautious purply-brown-orange colorway are a simple stockinette stitch sock with a 1/2-inch 1X1 ribbing, but that’s literally all I can say about them since they were so easy to knit up and I didn’t follow any pattern.

I intend to gift these glorious babies (which fit a small foot more than perfectly…and by small I mean sized 4 or 5) to my Mum, who has little bitty feet like me, though she’s got a good 1/2-inch on me, clocking it at a monsterous 5.5.


File Under: Socks on the mantle, socks on the feet. Whichever you choose.

Success in fake socktoberfest!


I finally finished both socks! Over the holiday, I got some serious knitting done (after finally completing all things baby I had to do for a baby shower that has since come and gone) and one thing I dedicated much of my time to was getting things off the needles before casting on others.

And I can say, I’m really pleased with the final result of these socks, which got me thinking my November would actually be the Socktoberfest, which hasn’t failed to prove true.

These gifties are a great success, I have to say. Worked in a simple stockinette stitch, I didn’t follow a pattern unfortunately (for fortunately?) but if you want any help with doing something similar or need advice on finger weight yarn or any adapations, by all means let me know.

File Under: Good thing it’s finally Decemember which means there’s a need for these toastie footies.


Place your orders…


My obsession with socks is clear. I always hated the idea of knitting them–I felt no one would wear them, or they were too pretty and intricate to be hidden under shoes. Or, quite frankly, that I never had the motivation to cast-on the other sock after I’d finished the first one.

But, they are the perfect little knitting project to throw in your bag for on the fly knitting. And sock yarns are so delicious, I could eat them up constantly and never feel full.

And one of the more exciting bits about going to visit your Mum’s house over the holiday weekend is to find a splendid number of handspun sock yarns in a bin about the basement that you totally forgot about.

File Under: Socks, anyone?

Yep, it’s Socktoberfest in November.



I finished one of the socks I cast on, what, within two weeks of original start date? What is wrong with this picture?! Anyways, they are perfect. Whilst they look quite big in this photo, a measurement of sorts indicates that they will be the most fitting slouchy sock for a woolie fanatic.

And the self-striping reds, blacks, blues, and yellows are a nice change from some of the more standard sock yarns in blues and greys.


Because I was so pleased (considering this is the first set of socks I’ve done in regular stockinette in which I did not follow a pattern, cast on the amount of stitches I thought were good, and of course, adjusted the heel, instep, and toe stitches!), I decided to immediately cast-on the second sock (as I have a habit of getting bored and only making one).

I’m so proud.


File Under: November most certainly is my Socktoberfest!

Socktoberfest? So long as I have a pint of some Oktoberfest along for the ride.


So remember how I mentioned the other day that November may become my very own Socktoberfest? Welp, I think that is a possibility because I’ve cast on yet another pair of self-striping socks, done up in a simple 1/2-inch rib and the standard stockinette stitch.

Because I had issues with the first pair seemingly too slouchy and more akin to slippers (which in fact they will be fine for a man or someone with slightly larger feet than I–which isn’t a stretch really, since I probably have the world’s smallest adult size foot for its not adult sized at all!), the new pair are cast-on with 10 less sitches and while they wouldn’t be snug on me, they will be on someone else. The striping on the yarn is nice and bold, with reds, yellows and blacks, I’m pretty pleased with it, actually.

The heel is finally done on blue and gray socks and I’m nearly to the toe shaping so hurrah! Despite the fact they look gigantic, I think they’ll be squishy perfect and an easy, breezy, unassuming socky sock. I refuse to rip these back but I have to go about fixing a dropped stitch near the heel from trying them on and off…oof!


File Under: You’ll have to line up for a pair of these since I’m not an all-year sock knitter.