soup and crackers, 10.16

Last night, I felt like having a warm, comforting meal. It was dreary; it was gray. And so, soup it was. I can churn out a delicious soup any day. But this time, I wanted to amp it up a bit. I wanted a challenge. So homemade cheez-it crackers it was. They were really amazing.Continue reading “soup and crackers, 10.16”

mushrooms, 9.9

A pile of baby portobello’s for a cream of mushroom and leek soup I’m making while on mini-holiday today. I really adore mushrooms, they photograph beautifully, and today feels like the perfect day for a comfort soup. Plus, whilst re-reading the insanely amazing Hunger Games Trilogy (the best y.a. I’ve read in many moons–everyone shouldContinue reading “mushrooms, 9.9”

When it’s a soupy mess of humidity out there…

If you’re looking for a deliciously light summer soup that can be served cold or hot, look no further than Ina Garten’s Fresh Pea Soup. It’s so light, herby, and fresh despite the fact you’d think it wouldn’t fill you on up. It will. On a hot summer day, it’s perfect, really. The combination ofContinue reading “When it’s a soupy mess of humidity out there…”

With another Bush heading out the White House, let’s all gorge on broccoli!

Sometimes rainy Friday nights are good for a steaming, hot bowl of soup. And soup is what I made. Broccoli cheese soup, in fact, which sticks to the ribs in a good way, and the perfect way to get some veggies while veggin’ out. So, without further babble, I bring you my Broccoli-Cheddar Soupy Soup!Continue reading “With another Bush heading out the White House, let’s all gorge on broccoli!”

“I live on good soup…not on fine words.”

Today is a gorgeous, clear, albeit pretty warm fall day. Despite that, I had a serious hankering for some sort of soup–and my favorite happens to be the above veggie. It’s obvious that every now and again we all desire a seriously hearty soup–thick and creamy and absolutely rich. But, let’s face it. Talk aboutContinue reading ““I live on good soup…not on fine words.””