hunting | orange.

I knit my brother a Roku Hat in this shocking neon orange for Christmas. He’s into skeet shooting these days and an avid outdoors man. He needed an approrpiately knit hat. And while I finished it so closely to when I gifted it, I failed to grab a snap of it. However, here’s to hopingContinue reading “hunting | orange.”

stash & plotting.

There’s nothing better than a yarn delivery. Last week, I received three amazing skeins of Tanis Fiber Arts Green Label Aran in the chris gray, lucky penny, and shadow colorways for some baby gifts. This yarn is so gorgeous it might be my new favorite, even though I used it to knit my French BraidContinue reading “stash & plotting.”

Stashing away in this weather…

With some glorious vacation from work ahead of me (save for answering tech questions via skype and email), I decided to hop to in scouring my stash for sample yarns that will work for comissioned knitting projects several readers have asked for of late. It’s really important to first send sample photos of the yarnsContinue reading “Stashing away in this weather…”

I stashed too many things away…

Today I tackled two important New Year’s Resolutions, one of which involved a five hour deep clean of my home, which saw six giant Hefty bags go out for the trash tomorrow filled with old boxes, papers, and library school items I find no point in saving. The paper purge was immense, and desperately needed.Continue reading “I stashed too many things away…”

Stashing away a list of must-have projects…

Tonight, as I prep for debate watching (and screaming and stamping my feet every time McCain does that bullshit where he snickers like the narcissist he is, gag.heave.vomit.puke.repeat.), I’ve decided to dip into a new bowl of random stash yarns…they are so tempting, I’ve got plenty of projects in the pipeline with these…. I’m droolingContinue reading “Stashing away a list of must-have projects…”