summer | read.


This was me, literally all summer. I avoided a laptop for 8 weeks (minus prepping for one conference presentation) and dove headlong, all day, into books. My best friend and pooch, Jackie B. Lee, joined me in all those stories and relaxation.

As a result, the only knitting projects I got to this summer were three kind of matching, scrappy, striped sweaters for my nephews. I read so many great stories. You can see what I was reading at my reading sketchbook here.

Any recommendations for me to read this fall?


The best salad there is. Great for summer, and winter, and every time in between. I always add different ingredients, depending on what I have on hand, but a few things are always the same: seared tuna, homemade champagne caper vinaigrette, hard boiled egg, steamed green beans, and red potatoes.

It’s a dream.

What’s your favorite salad?

cross country.

Roanhorse Canyon, Navajo Nation, norther New Mexico–Sean’s grandma’s land. It’s the most perfect camping spot and the only one we got to hit up this summer as part of our cross country journey from Phoenix to Boston, where we are now together, putting our house together.

Summer, why do you ever have to leave? See more snaps from our trip here.


There’s nothing better than eating fresh, local produce in summer. Here’s my weeknight dinner: mixed greens, local goat cheese and roasted beets, as well as a bit of granny smith apple, walnuts and a blush wine vinaigrette. Doesn’t get much better.

summer lunches.

Lazy summer lunches on the porch are the best. I could spend two hours. It’s all about fresh veggies and fruit, and pasta salad, of course.

I made this pasta salad up on the fly (easiest thing to cook, ever) and made a really tasty dijon champagne vinegar dressing for it. What other combinations should I try?

grilled pizza.

The best way to enjoy homemade za. No reason to get that kitchen and house heated up and on blast in summer, so why not use the grill to the same end?

All you need is a pizza stone set on top the normal grill and some patience getting it heated up. Then boom: perfect pizza every time.

Happy summer.

summer eats.

There’s nothing better than clams and lobster in summer. These delicious eats were at The Clam Box in Ipswich, when Sean was here visiting just two weeks ago.

Has it already been two weeks?


This summer, I spent most of my time on various amazing, life changing trips. Nights in a moon roofed tent, days hiking in canyons and swimming in secluded lakes. If I could go back and start them all over again, I would. If you want to see some snaps from my jaunt through the southwest, pictures are here but have yet to be organized. Oh, and we did that whole east coast, Tennessee, and Smoky Mountain thing, too.

Can we please go back to summer vacation?


One of my favorite desserts ever; the whoopie pie is certainly a classic New England treat, filled with homemade fluff marshmallow frosting. Just sweet enough.

I made these last week after a craving and a house filled with people who would actually eat them up.

summer view.

What I get to look out at every morning in summer, with no alarm clocks (though I’m an early riser, period) and nothing but quiet and birds. Lake Winnipesaukee is heaven; if this view doesn’t inspire you to make things all day long, I don’t know what will.