Squeal for Self-Stripes!

Some really gorgeous sock yarns I ordered from Knit Picks just came in; this self-striping superwash merino is amazing because the striping is quite thick, creating these candy-cane like blocks of color.

I can’t wait to start working with them; I think the color at right I’ll actually work up for myself as a sort of “boot sock” for this winter; I’d like the stripes to slightly peek out of my boots. The green colorway I’ll make for a friend in a slightly different style.

Or, should I…

You can scoop up this affordable sock yarn here. They’ve already got new colorways in a sport weight for knitting with size 3-5 needles, too. I really desire the Chimney I just saw, and scooped up some more! Thank you Knit Picks, thank you!