finish line | striped tweed.

This sweater was such a fast knit. A modified Tea with Jam and Bread in Brooklyn Tweed Shelter cast iron and fossil. I did a split hem at the bottom and I finished the sleeves last night, so all it needs is a good blocking. Finished snaps soon. What are you making this fall forContinue reading “finish line | striped tweed.”

wip | striped.

I decided I wanted to make myself a basic charcoal and white striped sweater. I’ve made a version of the Tea and Jam and Bread sweater before, loved the fit but ultimately gifted it to my mum, and decided I wanted a version for myself. The thing I love about this sweater is it canContinue reading “wip | striped.”


I decided I need a comfy orange and greenish striped sweater as temperatures in Boston chill. I’m using Tea with Jam and Bread as my base because I’ve made it before and I loved the way it fit. This time around, though, I’m doing 2 inches of striping in contrasting colors throughout the whole ofContinue reading “striped.”

tea / jam.

One of my favorite sweaters for sheer comfort. I knit this up in a couple of lazy August days this past summer, which feels like a century ago now as we experience one of the most brutal arctic blasts here in Boston this week. The Tea with Jam and Bread pattern is so simple toContinue reading “tea / jam.”