make | batik take two.

A few years back, I somehow managed to teach a batik class to a bunch of reluctant middle school students even though I had no idea how to batik. And while I figured it out–and quickly–let the record show that just because you love making doesn’t mean you can just, poof!, make something in theContinue reading “make | batik take two.”

makes | shibori + sashiko.

This is my first attempt at shibori, a Japanese practice of resistance dyeing on textile. Folding, bending, and clipping muslin cloth is meditative and the final results are gorgeous–rich in color, shape. As an extension of my first dyes, I decided to try some sashiko embroidery on top, following the natural resistance dye lines IContinue reading “makes | shibori + sashiko.”

block prints | light to dark.

As previously documented, I’m stuck on block printing. It seems to be a make that’s stuck–I keep trying new things, experimenting, and envisioning new blocks. Here’s a small block I made of a circle with an x through it. I played with light to dark colors here, with a mix in between. I’m actually quiteContinue reading “block prints | light to dark.”

Inspiring art…

Hands down, I am obsessed with the work of design student Ditte Lerche. Only just discovered through Ravelry, Ditte focuses on knitwear that is incredibly interesting in shape and form–she really pushes the bounds. You can check out her website here, or follow her blog here. She posts a lot of  jaw dropping knitwear, fromContinue reading “Inspiring art…”