screen printing x 2.

I took an amazing screen printing class at Gather Here back in June. Since then, I’ve burned a second screen, using an old drawing of Lionel Richie I once did for a card.

Since I went to Bonnaroo Music Festival this summer, and Lionel killed the main stage on Saturday night, I figured it made sense to take that old drawing and see if it tanslated into a tshirt for my Bonnaroo crew.

I did, certainly, do a ton of test prints before I risked tshirts. As you can see, it was necessary!
While it is definitely not an easy process the first time you are on your own, its so worth it. Conditions in my apartment seem to be really humid, which means I need to allow for more emulsion drying time and a bit of a longer burn. Now that I know this, I feel like I’m already planning out a million more designs to screen print.

Check out more snaps of the screen printing process, as well as us wearing our tshirts, at its flickr set.

At the age of six I wanted to be a cook. At seven I wanted to be Napoleon. And my ambition has been growing steadily ever since…

Photo 78Go. Now. Run.

And shop at ZenThreads, the greatest of t-shirt creation on the web!

Humble blogger fancies herself a t-shirt gal; if it’s not a plain white boys v-neck undershirt, then its a schmancy silkscreened one ususally of esoteric meaning, like one that says W.W.A.S.D? (think: Amy Sedaris!).

But I got some pretty excellent comments in work the other day for my latest purchase; a one Salvador Dali with his famous moustache.

File Under: Let jealousy ensue. Covet.

Favorite Finds: Reason Number 1,576 to Adore Kitsch Tees.

So as I procrastinate on this “Holiday Dedicated to Observing The Lack of Realization that us Natives lived here first and did exist when Columbus ‘discovered’ the Americas” writing papers for library school, I decided might as well surf the internets in search of tees that will not only declare obscene things about my future profession (so close, so close) but also those things in which I wish were my professions.

Like knitting. These tees at cafe press, like the “Librarians Give it Away for Free” (pictured above in mint/avocado, $21) and “Will Knit for Beer” (pictured below, yellow, $20.99) are just absolutely amazing.

I must have them. Must. I will save my pennies, my silver coins, my hang around change, in order to get these, wear them, broadcast that I’m a knitting librarian, and make everyone feel uncomfortable or think I’ve really lost in lately, since I would normally never wear such a thing.

Well, now I do.

Pictured Above: “Will Knit for Coffee” (yes, I will do such things), light blue, $20.99

File Under: I will wear these in public to embarass you, my kittens.

Favorite Finds: 1,002 reasons to adore cheap tees and copycat knitting!

I covet this amazing “See No Evil Owl” tshirt from one of my favorite cheap clothiers, Forever21. The tee, a whopping $10.90, is so delicious, and might you snub your nose at a clothier such as this, but I will say that their cotton is uber-soft and their kitsch designs reasonably priced. I’m sorry, but on a student-librarian budget and the economy in the shitter, we, too, can embrace such fancies as $10 tees.

And while I absolutely hate those shops that put random band tees in their collection to putrify a generation of tweens who have no idea about the music of New Order, or Depeche Mode, I have to say that this Fact 50 tee is so yummy I desire it muchly. Is it wrong of me to embrace one such tee and spill vitriol on a whole host of others?

What’s more, their knitwear items have given me inspiration. Their pointelle pom beanie is absolutely gush-worthy and while I’ve never figured out how to wear one of these and look like I can pull it off, this has me desiring to knit one up in copycat fashion and try, as hard as I can, to work it in coldy weather.

File Under: Expect a new series of Favorite Finds, because who doesn’t adore staring and drooling over the things they covet, covet, covet.