two recipe project #5, fish tacos with spicy slaw.

Didn’t, unfortunately, get snaps of the fish tacos, but they were done on the grill and goddamn delicious, particularly when paired with this made up spicy cabbage slaw on the side, which was filled with jalapenos from the garden. A hit, for sure. I haven’t kept to my goal-unfortunately, its been so hot many days,Continue reading “two recipe project #5, fish tacos with spicy slaw.”

two recipe project #4, 7.7

Lovely turkey lettuce cups makes a perfect humid, hot night’s dinner. It’s light, refreshing, and doesn’t boast too many ingredients or a lot of time slaving over the stove. The fresh ginger, cilantro, and scallions are gorgeous in this and the ground turkey had loads of flavor. This recipe is available in Martha Stewart’s brilliantContinue reading “two recipe project #4, 7.7”

two recipe project #3, 7.2

I’ve been away on a work trip to L.A., which means all the crafting has been on old–and cookery too. But, this weekend I tackled a summer salad as part of my attempt to try brand new recipes a couple times a week. This was a hit; beautiful cold corn, asparagus and tuna orzo saladContinue reading “two recipe project #3, 7.2”

two recipe project #2, 6.12

The next recipe in the two recipe summer project; things have been quite busy, so I’ve already wavered from my plan a bit, but now that school is over, the chances are further and farther that I’ll actually keep to the goal. This is a warm dressing salad–balsamic, red onion, thyme, and shitake mushrooms, sauteedContinue reading “two recipe project #2, 6.12”

two recipe project #1, 5.31

I’m making it a goal to try at least 2 new recipes every week, to kick up the excitement in the kitchen. This rigatoni with capers, pine nuts, and bell peppers is from the Real Simple Dinner Tonight Done! book. While it wasn’t a flop, it wasn’t exactly that excitement I was looking for. But,Continue reading “two recipe project #1, 5.31”