coffee & love.

Hot pressed and cold pressed coffee from the incredible Intelligentsia in Chicago, from me and my guy’s annual windy city pilgrimage for July’s Pitchfork Festival.

If we could do this every day, we’d be, well, straight happy. Of course, if you want to see snaps from the trip, here.

brainstorming, 3.16

My vacation from work has, so far, pretty much revolved around knitting, sewing, and eating. But now that I’m into the swing of the week, I’ve whipped out my knitting design books, listening to a lot of Radiohead on my ipod, and thinking of a new design for high, cotton spring rain galosh socks.


Sands of time…

With all this constant rain in Boston, it’s pretty simple to wish for mere days ago, when I was sopping up sunny skies, sand, mojitos, and copious amounts of delicious crab.

Here are a few of the delicious snaps of the consuming that went on.

From top left to right: Lump Stone Crab with mustard dipping sauce and spring greens, Sea-salted edamame; bottom left to right: A freshly squeezed lime for my drink, the best Mojito I’ve ever had in my life.

File Under: There’s always the memories…and taunting photos…

Canoodling with the camera and crab…delish!

It’s been pretty dormant at Kraftworkin’ the past week, as I was soaking up some serious sun for the second half of my spring break from work in the sunny state of Florida–with no internet, which was absolutely and insanely freeing. This trip mainly involved floating on ocean waves, gorging on crab, playing seriously with my Nikon D3000 while romping through the Everglades, and general reading and knitting on the beach relaxation.

While just arriving back in Boston this eve and needing a serious dose of laundry and settling, I plan to go through all those photos this week and see if anything good came out of it.