lover hat.

This is the From Norway with Love hat I knit for the doc this Valentine’s Day. I love this hat; I’ve knit several of them, but I think this version might be my favorite. The main color is Manos del Uruguay Maxima in the slate colorway, which sometimes looks gray and sometimes looks purple, whichContinue reading “lover hat.”

heart shaped eggs in a frame.

For Valentine’s breakfast, since Sean was visiting from Phoenix and we were having a full blown blizzard. Perfect timing to leave the sunny skies of the southwest, right? My honey oat rustic loaf ; heart shaped cookie cutter to cut the hole in the bread ; butter a pan, place bread, crack egg inside, cookContinue reading “heart shaped eggs in a frame.”

kiss me.

I made this cheeky little Kiss Me banner for my Valentine’s Day decoration this year. You may remember last year I was a crocheting heart bunting maniac; and those are still great hangings for doorways, but there was something about the playfulness and simplicity of this hand painted banner that had me insistent on makingContinue reading “kiss me.”

conversation hearts.

Yes, I actually did tackle making this hallmark Valentine’s Day candy by hand. Let me tell you, it was a lot of work. The upside? Customizing the flavors, colors, and sayings (though I have yet to write anything on these babies mainly because I was so sick o of working on them 1,000 tiny littleContinue reading “conversation hearts.”

norway / love.

I’m not big on Valentine’s Day for the romantic aspect. I could care less about roses and candlelight dinners and expectations. I’m more throw me a mini box of chocolates like this favorite and make all the cute Valentine’s things. It’s really about the making, isn’t it? First up, of course, is a hearts hatContinue reading “norway / love.”

vday for doggies.

It’s important you treat everyone you love to something special on Valentine’s Day. But I’m a firm believer it should be something unique and handmade, rather than some over the top grand gesture. A meal at home, a hand drawn card, oh, and perhaps, some peanut butter and bacon dog biscuits for your beloved canine.Continue reading “vday for doggies.”

quince and co.

My latest obsession is Quince and Co., a gorgeous Maine-based yarn company that churns out gorgeous designs from various knitters as well. I bought a whole pile of their Lark new american wool to make a scarf from their Stripes Collection for a Valentines day gift, and of course one of the stripes hat forContinue reading “quince and co.”

valentine pride, 2.14

One of my little knitters has been feverishly working for a week on Valentines gifts for Mum, Dad, and friends. C. ended up making these winged hearts; the one pictured above is for Mum and you can see on her face how pleased and excited she is with the end result. Nothing is better inContinue reading “valentine pride, 2.14”