Remember when I mentioned I shockingly won a brilliant skein of Kettle Yarn Co. Twist Jumbo in a shocking pink as part of Pom Pom Magazine’s amazing #valentoes competition? Yesterday, I was feeling kind of rough. And when I got home from work, an amazing little surprise was on my front stoop. Thanks so muchContinue reading “gifts.”


I rarely enter contests because it’s not likely I’ll win and I’d rather watch. For some reason, I just loved Pom Pom Quarterly’s brilliant #valentoes competition, which took place over the course of several days last week in the lead up to Valentine’s Day. The call was to post your hand knit socks with the aforementionedContinue reading “#valentoes.”

the perfect men’s sock.

I’m certain these are the best socks I’ve ever made; the color combination, the choice in yarn pairings, the easy ribbing detail, the toe and heel pop, and the overall construction. They just fit like a glove and look good doing it. I modified the basic ribbed sock pattern to my specifications and voila. IContinue reading “the perfect men’s sock.”