Patt this gal on the back…Take Dos…

A snapshot of the pattern I’m helping A.B. create for her fellow Term II knitters. I use Comic Life Deluxe to create my patterns, so I thought it’d be a good idea to use the same program to create A.B.’s, too. The program allows you to build welp, comics, signs, just about anything you want!Continue reading “Patt this gal on the back…Take Dos…”

Pray it isn’t going to replicate the Blizzard of ’78…do(n’t) vintage me?

I am currently addicted to this Japanese website which offers users the chance to take any photograph on their computer and “age it”. Instant vintage photos, like the one above, taken just a month back during one of Boston’s biggest storms on the year but looking like it came straight ouf of pre-Storm of ’78Continue reading “Pray it isn’t going to replicate the Blizzard of ’78…do(n’t) vintage me?”