Favorite Finds: 1,233 Reasons to Adore the Whim. Whimsy.

How badly do I covet this paisly pink dress from Modcloth? At $60, it definitely seems worth it, and absolutely gushworthy threads. But I guess I should save up some dinero, first? Similarly, the golden crysanthimum dress is equally adorable, but a bit more pricy, at $85. Why does whimsy have to break the bank?Continue reading “Favorite Finds: 1,233 Reasons to Adore the Whim. Whimsy.”

It’s not your grandmother’s lace? Welp, maybe it is?

One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to knit more lace. I decided I wanted whimsy in my life, and the best way to get it, is to hit the fingering weight lace yarns with a bit of fuzz for intricate patterns. I cast on a bead lace extra-wide scarf using a bit of aContinue reading “It’s not your grandmother’s lace? Welp, maybe it is?”

I wanted something whimsy…

And whimsy’s what I got. Yesterday evening, while engaging in a little film watching, I decided my eyes simply couldn’t take working with size one needles on some ribbed socks I recently cast on–and needed a switch. Not in the mood to work on my version of the Noro Garden Scarf, I decided to finallyContinue reading “I wanted something whimsy…”