shoes, 1/29

Screenshot 2013-01-31 at 4.10.39 PM

I forgot we’re in January, Boston, and I should be wearing boots out in the morning. But these oxfords have survived a few light dustings and should be no worse for the wear.

(wing)tipping, 2.2

Today, I was working out how to shoot my latest finished off–a giant, chunky knit that I whipped up last night in honor of a snow day today. But one of the outtakes from this entire event was a shot that caught two of my favorite loves in life: my scuffed up vintage wingtips and a mug of coffee.

I really enjoy how staged yet impromptu this photo feels. Of course, snaps of the actual knit coming…

wingtips, 9.16

I’ve been a fan of wingtip oxfords for a long time. Apparently, this season they are all the rage. But, it’s fall, the kids are back and school, and that means whipping out the laceups again as the weather chills.

These ones are vintage and definitely my favorite pair.