regret in the form of afghans.

I crocheted this incredible candy colored wave afghan back in 2008. It only took a week. It was one of my greatest crocheting accomplishments for sheer speed, color palette, and happiness with end product. I used it on my bed for awhile; then it migrated to my couch.

An old friend, who I have lost contact with for a number of reasons, used to mummify herself in it when she visited. Eventually, she’d walk around in it; take it with her to the kitchen to get a drink, down the hall to grab something from her bag. Ultimately, one frigid night, it walked right out the door and home with her. It became a member of her apartment, but it never came back to me.

Do you have things you made that walked off? That you regret allowing to leave your sight but there’s no way to properly and easily ask for it back? You are forced to accept its no longer with you? Do you have handmade items like this? What have you done to temper the grief? This granny square afghan I crocheted also went off in a fit of regret to someone I wish I could get it back from. Thus is life. Don’t knit afghans that will end up in the wrong hands, I guess.

See more of my afghans here.

4 responses to “regret in the form of afghans.”

  1. Haha! I would totally wrestle it out of that friend’s hands. We might have to Thunderdome it. LOL

    1. love that! i wish i had your sensibility! i am too non confrontational about it but id love to be! tragedies…

  2. Firstly, I just fell in love with all your afghans! I haven’t had anything like that happen to me before, but I can imagine finding it super awkward to confront the person about it. I might, however, ask a mutual friend about it, you know, just to check on the afghan, make sure it’s being loved

    1. Thank you! And thanks for reading!

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