Sock one to my heart…take two?



I mentioned a bit ago how I finally cast on a new pair of socks…intended for myself and myself only. Welp, after a bunch of inches, they were clearly too small (weep, cry, spit), and instead of just straight away yanking it out and restarting, I decided to let the pain of that one marinate a bit longer, quickly picking up different sticks and another skein of yarn. And these pink, red, gray, and navy  colorway socks are a small little Valentine’s giftie to myself…once I actually finish them. I’m doing a real simple stockinette stitch sock for mindless knitting since I’ve been intensely scatter brained of late and all too busy.

I’m contemplating making these a knee high-ish type sock. Thoughts?

This is as close as I get to the whole lover holiday.

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