Happily ever…aff…ghan?

B&EweddingblanketwrapMy brother, Bryce, finally got hitched.

And instead of all that traditional registry hoo, my sister and I decided to make them up something they could keep generations of “Wolves” warm in for years to come–the first family heirloom of the Wolf children clan.

So, we feverishly took to crocheting up a wave-style afghan for the couch in their new Boston home. Selecting just the right colors was a must; their open floor plan featuring a lot of teals and browns, we went with an espresso colorway for the main blocks and two teals, one a more Caribbean cool color and the other a darker turquoise, for the wave accents.

While there was much sweat (my sister insisted we use a size F hook for minimal holes) and fret (will we have enough yarn? can we find more of this anywhere?), we got there, finished. And it turned out gorgeous. An entire original, my sister and I created our own Wave Pattern as a play off a traditional “Southwest of the Border” style (though she certainly did the “creating” there and I merely followed suit…er, hook) and boy did it feel satisfying.

Deciding to mark the occasion, I cross stitched a simple label for them to remember their Fall Wedding and our gift when they are 90 years old and full o’ dementia.

The entire affair, held in the snow capped mountains of Whitefield, N.H., was a splendid occasion, and many “oohs” and “ahhs” occurred throughout the weekend, though if I do say so myself, the best came when they opened the gift.

See more snaps of the blanket and all the happiness at its flickr set. As always, a special thanks to Harry S. Cahill for the frames.

File Under: Happily Ever Af–ghhaaann!


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