striped socks, 3.31

I made myself a pair of simple, shorter striped socks for spring. It was a quick project that only took two evenings to complete, which means these are instant gratification of highest order.

I used the self-striping Knit Picks Felici (mine was the sport weight in colorway “Chimney”, which isn’t available anymore) that I’ve had laying about for nearly a year, unsure of what to do with until now. But, instead of just knitting large blocks of stripes, letting the yarn do all the design work, I decided to alternate the KP with some white Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine I had in my stash, leftover from a previous project.

Alternating between thick and thin stripes, KP yarn and white yarn, I’m really pleased with the end result. I’m thinking of making another pair, which I can have on hand for a last minute gift.

As always, more snaps of the G&O Striped socks at its flickr set.

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