paint samples.

It was official last Friday. I closed on my first home; I won’t move in until June (it’s a lease back for 59 day situation, which is perfect timing because we will be out off work for school summer break) but in the meantime, I’m plotting in my head where my furniture will go, purchasing a few new items mostly found through antiquing (score: a danish mid century modern angled book shelf that looks exactly like this one for an appallingly cheap $30), and of course, deciding on paint colors.

The entire condo is painted a gentle yellow, which is fine for the guest bedroom and maybe for now, the bathrooms. But I’d like to put my own stamp on the living room, dining room, and master bedroom. I’m thinking shades of green–all lighter and maybe leaning grayish. I think it will be a nice compliment to the historic details. And I hate dark paint colors.

More to come as I get to decorate my first owned place.

6 responses to “paint samples.”

  1. Congrats. I love your general color palette direction. Nice tones.

    1. thank you so much! i can’t wait to post photos when i’ve moved in!

  2. Love the bookshelf! It reminds me of my time working deep in the library stacks – it was dark, but peaceful and I came to love the smell of old wood and books.

    1. thanks! i too am a librarian; but we are so digitally driven now, there’s less dark stacks stuff and more laptops. but my personal book collection is a little out of bounds. be prepared for me to be posting lots of pictures of them in the new space.t hanks for reading!!

  3. We’re redoing our living and family rooms now. Very similar color palette

    1. let me know how these tones look! i won’t be painting until june and would love a heads up! thanks for reading!

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