f.o.: column sweater.

I just love Column by Hiromi Nagasawa. It’s a brilliant design with interesting construction. I knit this up holding two similar colors of Woolfolk–FAR in soft taupe and SNO in 00 + 28.

This is a simple knit and because of the yarn held double, it knits up fast. I definitely plan to make another one.

I did struggle with bind off at the neck. Some knitters say they did less short rows so they could get this over their head–it’s that tight at the neckline. However, I tried several stretchy bind offs until I settled on Stephen’s Stretchy Bind Off. It was the only one that looked clean at the neckline and well finished; the others were sloppy and didn’t take well to the yarn.

However, it really still isn’t quite stretchy enough. I’ve got to really jam this sweater over my head. Stay tuned for another knit up of this, perhaps with yarn that has a bit more give, and maybe less decreases at the neckline.

You can see my ravelry project notes here.

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