Dusting off my life…


Ah, finally getting back to working with my hands. I’ve been so busy lately I really haven’t had a chance to a leisurely Saturday of baking, knitting, reading and music listening. In fact, my turntable had a thick approximately 1-inch layer of dust on it that would make any OCD-clean freak or music devotee shiver.

And so, I dusted all of that off and instead dusted by counter-top up…with flour, that is. Some of my closest friends, I feel, are my friends solely for the above photographed–my homemade cinnamon swirl bread, which is neither a quick loaf (this takes about 2 hours of rising time) nor a waistline buster (unless you heap on piles of butter, which I always do, c’mon). No, no, it’s just deliciously cinnamony goodness.

I’ve written about my cinnamon bread in the past, so clearly, I don’t really have to write more about it. But this time around, I will say I’m trying to tweak the recipe and am experimenting with ratios of traditional unbleached white flour and cracked whole wheat flour to make it a slightly heartier “better for you” bread. I’ll let you know what comes of it.

In the meantime, it’s good to take a personal day to foster hobbies. It’s been entirely too long.

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