honey oat rustic loaf.

Baked this bread last night. The recipe was so easy, I had everything on hand in my cubbards or fridge, and the results were perfect. One of the best loaves I’ve ever made; crispy on the outside, soft on the inside.

I’m using this loaf to try my own hand at the artisanal toast trend of now. I own this trend because toast is my thing; and now, everyone is doing it.

4 responses to “honey oat rustic loaf.”

  1. […] all the rage; which is exciting news for this toast lover. So, this is my take on it. A honey oat rustic loaf made last night. And this morning, lightly toasted, smothered in salty butter and then a delicious plum and apricot […]

  2. Happy Easter!:)

  3. […] warmth. And so, last week, when we had yet another two consecutive days off from school, I baked. This honey oat loaf. And reaped its rewards the entire […]

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