In New York…Day Dos.

The greatest Salt bagel, ever. With uber-delicious tofu cream cheese. Who knew there were so many smears?

Jessica devouring her tofu smeared bagel and a giant Iced Coffee; the perfect start to a monumental day trek through the city that started in Gramercy, went on to Chelsea, moved into Soho, and ended with an epic line for the Sketch4Sketch with Alex Pardee and a severely drunk and severely entitled lady folk who screamed “Welcome to New York, bitches” at us in the East Village.

The loverly Jonathan Levine Gallery, where we saw the quite intriguing work of Eric White, Nicola Verlato and Fulvio Di Piazza, as well as the brand new “Smother Your Mother” exhibit from Date Farmers. One of the coolest things we did in NY, actually. Golf claps, Jessy. If you get the chance, head to this gallery; at 529 West 20th Street, betwixt 10th and 11th Avenues.

Some pretty unique bedazzled guiitars in a Soho shop window; Jessica wanted to take one home with her. Probably by stealing. She didn’t.

Excitement, squeals and all that hoo at the brand new location of Purl in Soho. Too bad it was the most crowded place in the entire world (celebrating their opening that week!) but I was absolutely inspired, bought some hanks of super bulky Lorna and some gorgeous lace-weight. The walls of Koigu were remarkable, but there was no room for snaps inside the shop what with the crowds, unfortch, but I met a fabulous gay couple in front of me, who marveled at the above pictured Cascade Magnum cowl made for Jess as we gushed about Purl Bee.

Jessica stickers up the city with Go Team Sweet stickers advertising her blog (and took the opportunity to model her Cons, to boot, too). Kraftworkin’ doesn’t have any stickers. Inspired me to get some.

A much needed glass of water at a drinking hole somewhere in Soho…

…followed up, quickly, by a much needed, much appreciated Chimay…Tripel…

…then, nachos, naturally…

And finally, drawing sketches for Sketch 4 Sketch with Alex Pardee & Dave Correia, something I knew zip about before Jess had me along; the entire concept is really cool. Alex and Dave sat at Zero Friends for a whopping 8 hours straight drawing– a fan brings in a sketch for them, and they each churn out their own interpretation of your sketch, like a swap. While the line was absolutely epic, who got to hang with some really cool people, like Saki Waki of IHeartCoolStuff, who pretty much knows everything about designer toys. Sorry I didn’t wear pants, that would have helped my violent shaking from cold and rain. I’ll remember the pants, next time.

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  3. I eenjoyed reading your post

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